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ICO (NTSC) Playstation 2 Press Kit

This is probably the only one known to date. I couldn’t find any when I did a google search. But there is another ICO press kit (PAL though) but with a different candle holder (check out the eye candy photos) and here’s a YouTube video (en espanol) of an un-boxing of.. From the description:

These items were only available to the press and were produced in extremely limited quantities.
This includes the original press kit folder with ICO artwork, press kit itself with two packets of papers plus the iconic ICO cage from the opening sequence. The cage itself is beautifully designed in metal and even includes the candle!

There is a reserve in this auction though. But who knows what this will bring. It’s quite a rare find actually since there’s hardly any promotional items for ICO.

Link to auction


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  1. If the reserve is anywhere near the last one he tried to sell at 7500 it will go unsold. I have 2 of these if anyone needs one.

    • hey Buyatari, i just have a question. does the candle also have the ICO logo in it? the pal one does but from the picture on one of the seller’s i couldnt tell.

  2. Hello, I am the seller of this item. Thanks to gamesniped for featuring this, I definitely appreciate it.

    The reserve is much lower this time around, I am in need of money to repair/replace my Atari 520ST, which is why I am selling this. Obviously, I don’t want to give it away to a lowballer.

    The reason that there is no international shipping is simple- I’ve had loads of problems in the past with items getting ‘lost’ in transit, most memorably a dozen Sega Master System titles sent to Australia, lost to the winds, and I don’t feel like risking losing out on such an expensive item that I can’t easily replace.

    Sorry about that, please don’t take it personally.

    And finally, there’s no logo on the candle on my set either.

    – Lasermouse

    • my advice is to open this listing to international buyers. the dollar is weaker these days and there are alot of collectors in europe who would go after this. i sell alot of stuff overseas. if you need some advice just let me know.

  3. this is not ICO press kit (idiots) press kit was released only in PAL system, this is just a promotional-spec. info / USA pack released on E3.

    Never seen, for simple reason to have received only Director & Prod. of the Event, few pack was gifted to other guys.

    Nothing of special, most rare is ICO (official press kit) because limited.

  4. A press kit is something the publishers and developers (mostly publishers) used to promote a game. Whether it be just a letter informing the game play, or just a simple folder that gives information about just anything to sell the game to the reviewer or to someone in the press.

    The kits in the past contained VHS or even toys without the actual game itself since they do cost alot to produce then (up until the disc-era where the cost of the disc is close to nothing to produce). Just because one press kit came with a game doesn’t mean that all of them have and all of them should.

    Do your research before calling people idiots. You just proved to the world you are one.

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