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Many NES and SNES samples and Hello Kitty.

Many samples here! Bard’s Tale, Shatterhand for NES; Mega Man X, Rockman 7, Super Buster Bros, Captain Commando, Super Chinese World 2, NBA Jam, Pirates of Dark Water, Justice League, Soccer Shootout, Demon’s Crest, Breath of Fire 2, Captain Commando, Blackthrone, Wild Guns, Knight of the Round, Street Fighter II for SNES.

Super Nes Counter Tester
Nintendo DS Hello Kitty Sample
Naked Jaguar Cat Box
Cheap Atari Video Music Machine
Playstation branded Wine Opener
1994 Blockbuster World Video Game Championship PIN
YM-901 Nintendo Game Watch, Schissors set and gold disc – Japanese Famicom Disk System tournament prizes

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Either someone reported them to ebay as technically they’re not allowed or someone came along with a huge offer.

    It’s a shame. I still have the ebay alert in my email account…so can look at tiny thumbnail pictures of them. 😀 Was going to bid on a few too.

  2. I would want to get my hands on that Shatterhand NES cartridge posted on here. I am a hardcore Shatterhand fan, with a huge goal to bring Shatterhand into fame and to do that, me and my followers are trying to find anything Shatterhand related. Does anyone know what might have happened to that Shatterhand cartridge? If anyone has it, I am willing to make an offer for it.

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