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Kano, Baraka, Kabal and Divizio

Mortal Kombat Rich Divizio Actor Personal Items and Script
“…my name is Rich Divizio, some of you might know me from the hit
Video Game Mortal Kombat, as I played such characters as Kano, Baraka, Kabal and Quan Chi.”
He’s selling his original script and more. How’s getting an autograph from an actual digitized video game character?

Military Madness Pre-Release, TurboGrafx-16
“Prior to a Hu-Card being produced, TG-16 games were released on very limited run PC cards for internal testing. This plugs into the game slot of a TG-16 and runs just fine. This card came directly from NEC America in 1989 and I can vouch for that. Look up info on TurboPlay magazine, I was the Publisher and worked with NEC and Hudsonsoft. Not only is this a rare item but it contains one of the most beloved TG-16 games ever produced. I also published VideoGames & Computer Entertainment magazine and we used this card to run a cover story on Military Madness that is still referenced even today! This particular card was a loaner from NEC and we were supposed to return it after 14 days. NEC knew I was passionate about the game and they let me keep it – if not it would have been destroyed long ago and not be here today.”

Atari Jaguar samples: Brutal Sports Football, Super Burn Out, FlipOut, Zool 2, Missile Command 3d, Troy Aikment Football, Senisble Soccer, Evolution Dino Dudes


Atari 8bit (400 800 XL XE) – XE Demo CartSNES prototype cartridge CRICKET

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. forgotten about..I’m assuming.

    Link really needs to make good on that. I’ve gotten a few messages from people (who will remain nameless)and they are very unhappy with how that went down. Especially with him winning the contest and all.

    I’m sure he just got busy, but he shouldn’t just drop it. Maybe he’ll throw in a sealed FFVII at this point. 😛

  2. You know, For all the time I’ve spent in the Windy City, years, almost 2 decades… I never realized that Nether Realm Studios was here. I knew Bungie was at one point, but not Nether Realm.

  3. Guys, first off I’m notoriously bad at sending out prizes for contests, but they do get there eventually.

    Secondly, you may have noticed I haven’t posted in quite some time. Had a incident at work and been in a lot of pain and can barely walk. In fact, I just got out of the hospital today and am in a hotel while I wait to see a second doctor and start physio. This will get done, just bear with me.

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