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Dumplist for Thursday 4/28

Some of these games have no bids, some are ridiculous, some are cool and some are ending pretty soon.

Chrono Trigger SNES Sealed (no bids – not so great of a condition)
Phantasy Star Online I & II Plus Sealed (no bids – ending soon)
Mario Kart Advance x11 – not so clear about the x11, is he selling 11 of them for $225?
Metal Gear Solid 4 Signed by Hideo Kojima
Atari Jaguar New
Play for Japan Charity Auction: Suda 51 signed No More Heroes (U.S. Ver.)
Ibara (JP) for Ps2
NeoGeo Double Dragon AES Euro
40 Copies of Loom
WOW CE – Wouldn’t it be nice to get the sticker price from best buy?

last but not least, 2 vintage Mario Shampoo bottles and a mysterious/haunting and censored painting as a backdrop. This is one of the weirdest listings i’ve seen year. He wants $1,200 ;P


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  1. Ran across a store a couple years ago that apprently found some sealed Atari Jaguars in the back and had them on clearance for $30

    • when the Wiz was still around in the late 90’s they sold atari jaguars brand new for $20. of course nobody bought them. the same thing happened for those pikachu n64’s, everyone thought they looked ugly as hell but a few years later they started to become sought after.

      • That’s how my hubby started his jaguar collection. He worked at Funcoland (His was still FuncoLand during the GameStop takeover) and he picked up a core Jaguar and Jaguar CD for a grand total of 30 bucks plus some change.

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