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CIB Blockbuster, NES M8, NBA Elite 11

A couple cool items today, including the boxed Sega Blockbuster II Link mentioned a few days ago.

Nintendo M8 Store Display
Nintendo Gameboy Tetris Display Sign
PARAPPA THE RAPPER UK Promotional Standee
Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Championships II CIB

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. You know what’d be great? If that idiot with the vastly overpriced M8 would remove my quote from his auction page.

  2. i dont think anybody will buy that mega drive blockbuster cart after finding out he got it at a flea market lol

    • Why would it matter if it was found at a fleamarket? The game is completely legitimate as is apparent by the pictures of the pcb. Whether you think it’s over priced or not is one thing, but thinking it has something to do with where he found it is just silly.

      The fact that the item is one of a kind at the moment (albeit due to the inclusion of a rather mundane box) make me think where he found it is even less important

      • I agree. He has a picture of the board so that part is real. Also upon inspection in hand it will be easy to tell if the stickers match 100%. If he set out to make a fake it would have been easier and harder for anyone to disprove if he just made a whole new cheap insert from scratch than to use a cart label which can be compared with the one on the cart. Without seeing one before I’d say 100% that this is legit.

        • something does not make sense, hes only a small ebayer with less than 50 feedbacks and a rather silly username, how is anyone going to part 8K with someone like that and be taken seriously? the picture of the board means nothing, he could have simply made 2 fake stickers and got a different mega drive game thats also been made by acclaim just to steal the money and then close his account etc……..what he should have done was take a screenshot picture of the game on tv, now thats better proof

          • Firstly, it’s a Genesis game. Stop calling it a Mega Drive title. Secondly, if you look at the pcb you can see that the chip is labeled “JAMDRED,” so he did not simply pull another cart apart and snap a photo of some random pcb.

            The game has been reproduced in the past, so screen shot would mean absolutely nothing. The proof is in the pcb, and it’s right there in front of you.

  3. Dave, He does quote you but included a link to the whole thread. If you have something to add I’d post it there. With a creative post I’ve come to expect from you and a message to the seller that his link now takes people there I am sure it will be removed.

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