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Extremly Rare Super Famicom Games

Since automatic Japanese to English translation software sucks, I have no idea what this auction says. Looks to have a ton of extremly rare carts however.

Included are:

  • Far East Of Eden Tengai Makyou Zero Shounen Jump no Shou, a limited edition version of the game given away though Shounen Jump magazine as a prize. There is also a copy of what I assume is a Chrono Trigger version of the same origin.
  • Yoshi’s Cookie Contest Version which was made by Panasonic to commemorate the release of its Kuruppon Oven, which from what I gather, is somewhat reminiscent of an EZ Bake Oven. What’s different is that the game included an extra mode called “cooking adventure”.
  • What I think is the Controller Test Cartridge, and possibly other test cartridges.
  • Also I believe the Gold cart is Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball Zenin Shuugou Tournament Special.

Any SFC gurus know what else is in this lot?

Auction Here (Yahoo Japan) – Roughly $6000 US with no bidders.

(Thanks Evan!)


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  1. I follow this auction since some weeks and we are far from the real value of this package…

    Additionally , some cartridge are sold without their respectives boxes

    Gaijins have sold lot of bootlegs (Metal Slug , Sapphire) in Japan and bought lot of stuff to resell it definitly more expensive and i don’t appreciate so much you are starting to link auctions from Yahoo (sorry but as a “half” i know how gaijins are in japan)

    for example : check the Tsutaya Trial Set on Ebay (won by this crap some weeks ago on Yahoo)

    but if you want the informations about these items , i’ll give you :

    -Chrono Trigger Jump Version : promotional release given by Jump Magazin (only 2000 samples in the world)

    -Undake 30 (Mario Version) : Special version of the regular game Undake 30 including nintendo characters , the original one was given with Hudson Letter

    -From TV Animation Slam Dunk Shuueisha Limited : Limited Edition of the same game (only 400 samples)

    -Yoshi’s cookie “Kuluppon Oven de Cookie” : Special version of Yoshi’s Cookie who could be won by a contest (500 samples)

    -Kuniokun gold cartridge : the most expensive and rarest gold cartridge if we expect Yam-Yam (unique and owned by Mandarake) , only 8 samples with deluxe display and additional contents exist (50 including loose samples) , the game could be won in contest during 1993

    -Magical Drop 2 Bunkahoushou Special Version : 150 samples for this version who allow you to play with “Yoshida Terumi no Yaoruki Manman” radio’s program team , this version can be recognized by some stickers on the game and the box

    The others loose cartridges are just Taikenban kind of cartridges including super famicom test cartridge

    I almost own every of these items but if someone with Kunio-kun complete kit or Slam Dunk Shueisha Limited Version set is watching my message , i’m very interested into them , also he could contact me through my website

    Regards , Sp!nz

  2. Yeah, everything in that lot is extremely rare. There are two test carts (one has the Star Fox base ship, the other with a generic “Super Famicom” label). Everything Sp!nx has to say is also the case.

  3. Understood 🙂

    Thanks you , i do my best to share my knowledge about video games especially in retrogaming side.

    About that , let me say there gonna be very huge items soon including uniques items probably over the whole Europe and America , there is not so much retrogaming items on my blog yet because i didn’t post my entire collection and most of it is based on this kind of games (japanese)

    I plan to go back to Japan i should get back to France because of earthquakes like you could see on previous pages 🙁

    I love your site to , if you need some infos about japanese games and goods don’t hesitate mate 😉

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