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EarthBound 321MOTHER Lego Calendar

This is a gift calendar from the 321MOTHER event that was held in Tokyo in 2009. The event itself is sort of an Eartbound fan expo. One calendar was given away to each attendee of the event, which means there are probably less than 150 in existence. You can take it apart to change it monthly. Given the insane price we see some Earthbound swag end at, I’m wondering what this might end at. Currently, it’s a non insane $50.00.



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  1. The fact that it is fan made means that anyone could legally copy the design and make a million more thus dropping the value to 0 instantly.

    • you probably missed this part of the post, “which means there are probably less than 150 in existence.” they aren’t making millions of these and they’re not going to make a million dollars either.

      • I read the post. What you seem unable to understand is the fact that there was no licensing involved in creating this product.

        Somebody could easily find out who manufactured it and get them to make more. It probably wouldn’t even cost much since the manufacturer was willing to make a such a small run, 150 pieces.

  2. I have to disagree with this one. If you don’t like fan made items then just say that your argument doesn’t make much sense. There really is no difference in making copies of licensed or unlicenced material. Either way you don’t want people to know you are doing it. Nintendo might be ok with fans on a small scale but do you think they would be ok without making copies? Also it would be hard to make an exact copy of anything and if fans find out then you might be stuck with a bunch of these. If you are worried about copies I’d be WAY more worried about the licensed Earthbound ruler. What would that cost to make? 17 cents each? It sells for over a hundred bucks. How many of those do you have to sell to come out ahead? You could leak out 2-3 a year on ebay and trade a few at game shows once or twice a year and no one would know. If you get caught then stop and say you bought them at a flee market. Being licenced will do little to change the mind of someone looking to get over. So between this and the rules which do you think has a greater risk of being copied? I’d say this has a very low chance. This fan made item is complicated compared with a ruler and would cost a lot more to make.

  3. OK, what I am telling you is that this item wasn’t made by the fans themselves. It says right on the box that it is a seletona block calendar.

    What that tells me is that somebody could call up this seletona company and order up another batch of these with absolutely no trouble. Anybody could call them up and order another batch at any time and the items would come out exactly the same because the same company would be making them. It is not complicated to make because it looks like there is only ONE custom piece and the rest of it is mass produced. So you just call up the company and tell them what you want on that one piece.

    That’s different from an official item because you can’t just call up Nintendo’s supplier for the ruler and get them to produce more. If you could, Nintendo probably wouldn’t be using them as a supplier anymore.

  4. what the hell are you talking about? you cant just demand a company to make it for you. its like saying you can tell madcatz to make more gamesharks because you want one (they dont make them anymore). you cant get things on demand. besides, this was someones idea, no company would be willing to be sued by reproducing it. it was made one time and that was it. you should give the 321mother some advice then.

    nintendo as a whole has a hardcore following. take a look at the mario franchise, people are making mario related products and nintendo gets nothing from it. but they’re not necessarily making millions of dollars from it either. what about blogs and other websites? they use nintendos images. they don’t ask permission to use them everytime. gamestop and other game stores does the same also.

    have a little challenge then if you don’t like what you see. go to and look for “nintendo” or “mario” and report every single one of those listings. see if you get a reply from nintendo. while you’re at it, go to ebay and look for tshirts that someone made of the same nintendo characters, report those too. i will be 99% honest with you that you will not get a reply from nintendo. they could care less.

  5. Dude you are so stupid I can’t even get into this with you. The company makes those calendars. They didn’t have an exclusive agreement. They will make them for anyone that wants them in whatever design they want. Even a design they have already made. Stop talking and you won’t look more stupid.

  6. Your argument is basically saying that if I order 150 T-shirts from this website:
    And have Earthbound images on them that they will become valuable collectors items, simply because there are only 150 of them and they have Earthbound on them.

    However, anyone could order more of them with the same design at any time. So in fact you could “demand” that they make more. Actually they would be happy too because that’s how they make money.

  7. They’re not collectors item, they are fan memorabilia. They can become a collectors item. If anyone would be willing to order it from them, then by all means go for it. But they’re not going to do that. original art is being used everyday and being sold everyday and the companies who make these doesn’t see a dime for any of them. Do you really think it matters to them as much? Do t you notice you’re the you’re the only one having a hissy fit about it. Just cause you don’t like doesn’t mean it’s wrong. If you don’t like it, get off the Internet. chill the fuck out.

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