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Little Samson NES Prototype

Little Samson is awesome, go play it. It`s also a bit pricey, easily fetching around $130 or so. With that in mind I am curious to see what type of interest this prototype gets. According to the seller, they haven`t noticed any differences from the finalized release.

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    • You obviously have not seen many/any NES development boards. The prototype uses a long board, has EPROMs present, and has a label that’s identical to many other Taito prototypes of the era.

      Could it be faked? Yes, but you’d need to have access to development materials like the long board. Few prototype collectors have access to such things, let alone some basement hobbyist looking to pull a fast one.

      DreamTR has also gone on record as saying he owns an identical prototype, and I can’t imagine a more reputable source of prototype information on the planet.

      This one is legitimate, there’s no doubt in my mind. If you don’t think so, don’t bid on it.

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