NIV Bible & the Twenty Lost Levels of Joshua and other Gameboy Wisdom Tree Games

NIV Bible & the Twenty Lost Levels of Joshua is arguably one of the rarest Game Boy games. How rare? Well the last complete copy that closed at open auction ended for $537.00. The value though, is really in the box. I’ve seen multiple loose copies of this sell in the $40.00 range.

This auction has no box, but does have the manual. It also has four more of the Wisom Tree religious games.

Auction Here


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      • funny things have happened in the past. you just never know which item is going to shoot up once its posted here and given the rarity of this item it could have easily went for that or something close to that at least.

        but it’s summer. all things go down in the summer time regardless of what it is.

        • look, i’m not trying to sound like a jerk, but your estimate for this was/is super exaggerated. 2 complete copies have sold since feb. (COMPLETE) each went to a collector nearing the end of the GB CIB collection, hence the top dollar figure of 537 and 550, respectively. there’s no reason to think that a copy, minus the box (the rarest element) would suddenly be worth 250 more.

          Do you know something i don’t??

          • 3rdman is right here. The box is the driver of the price here. $300 is excessive for just the carts and manuals imo.

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