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Xbox prototype, GDRs, Wii RVT-R & more DEV

Xbox Prototype unit working
Dreamcast GDR Shenmue, Test Drive Cycles (could not get this to work), Alone in the Dark and Ecco the Dolphin
Nintendo Wii RVT-R w Menu Changer Disc V4.2
Sega Mega CD Development PCB
Nitro EVA Debug / Developer Cart

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. I used to work for M$ back in the days, this prototype unit most likely is not a prototype. There are a few things one should know. All prototypes were made on or before the original run of systems that launched on Nov 15, 2001 – this box has a manufactures date sticker for 5/10/2002 and it’s serial number is for retail unit. The XB DVT2 Config 1 sticker is for a DEVELOPMENT KIT – which had a huge height case. Lastly – the prototype sticker on the bottom of this case was from dummy cases that were in toys R us. Every Toys R us used to have a fake Xbox on the shelf, there was a working thompson DVD drive in them as they didn;t glue the bezel to the front but it was just an empty case. Every one of these had that prototype sticker on the bottom and had NO SERIAL STICKER. This is not a very well done fake, the toys r us dummy case, coupled with a retail sticker WELL AFTER THE XBOX CAME OUT and a dev kit sticker on the front makes for a poor attempt at quick cash. Why would M$ make a SINGLE PROTOTYPE after the system was already out? All prototypes were completed by march of 2001, and no prototypes were manufactured on assembly lines in mexico. Check the serial number guide and this shows the serial sticker is just a regular retail unit.

  2. I realize since this is the internet after all that there are a million people who state lies that sound believable. However I personally can say that this console is not fake, in fact it is a legit XDK prototype. I know this because I own this. I purchased this exact console marked Hotstuff 2.2 which is what someone named the XDK. This is a test console for Xbox Live in 2002. That is why it is a prototype after the console came out. Just for added proof I own this, I filmed the console inside and out in a Youtube video under the user name XboxSurgeon. I would suggest anyone reading this to check it out. I wasn’t looking for this page at all, in fact I was looking up other XDK related things when to my surprise my console’s picture was here. Anyway, there it is for any doubters out there. It is a legit prototype, it is a very outdated development kit, it does work, it sits on a display shelf now.

  3. Oh, and anyone looking at that ebay auction, I did not pay $10,000. It sat on ebay for numerous weeks without any bites. I offered a few hundred dollars and finally was able to convince the seller the “uselessness” of the console and the uncertainty it could be fake. He eventually sold it to me for a mere $300, which is still a lot but not anything close to a down payment on a home.

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