Ken Griffey Jr.’s Slugfest N64 Press Kit With Sound Chip

Its almost embarrassing to do a Ken Griffey item as a feature, but I have to admit I like this press kit. From the fake turf, to the sealed box of Frosted Wheaties and the inflatable N64 bat. Cheap too.

Auction Here


Nice Boxed Megadrive 2 + Mega-CD 2 PAL
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 press kit sealed
NES Wayfair Midilines Midi Game
Vinyl Nintendo poster 46inch x 65inch
Nintendo 64 Store Display Vinyl Mario Poster 34 x 90
XBOX Halo Special Edition Green Console in Original Box
Infocom – Zork Users Group – 6 buttons (complete set)


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  1. Is that Halo Xbox really worth much?
    I have one that is still brand new/mint and I’d consider selling it if it’s worth it.

  2. Is the Halo Xbox system in decent shape with the box worth $50? Yeah I’d say that it is. A sealed one would be worth more than $50 for sure.

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