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Limited Edition Terminator Salvation XBOX 360

According to the seller:

This console was given to a member of the US Womens World Cup Gold medal team who works in Hollywood with a cast member from the movie Terminator Salvation. We believe there are 99 others in existence but we cannot be sure. The device was barely used and has only played three DVD movies before it was boxed up and placed in a storage unit in West Hollywood. It has recently been acquired and ready to be sold to a lucky bidder. In addition to the console, I’ve also included the XBOX 360 version of the Terminator Salvation game, AND the PS3 version of the Terminator Salvation game.

However, if memoery serves me correct there this is actually from the Pizza Hut VIP Terminator Salvation Sweepstakes.

Auction Here


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  1. I’m confused about the Star Fox 2 cartridge. Are the box, manual, and cartridge all fabricated by the seller? I was of the impression that the game never went to production even though it was practically finished, but the seller’s description doesn’t clarify any of that.

    • Yeah, all Starfox 2 carts and boxes are reproductions, the game was never officially manufactured. I’ve seen some eBay sellers trying to claim their repros are official items, which really crosses the line I think.

      That said, I do really want a Super Famicom version with repro box… 😉

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