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Tamiya Racing Unreleased Nintendo 64 Prototype

As far as I can tell, there is absolutely ZERO information on the game out there anywhere. According to the auction, the game is from Intermetrics, associated with Looking Glass Studios. The label has No Gamma written on on. The seller also thinks it is very similar to the unreleased Mini Racers.

This is from the same seller who sold the also unreleased N64 Wildwaters Extreme Kayak recently for $1,600.00. From what I understand they also have a third such proto, so we may see that at some point too.

Auction Here – Already $1,000+ with a full eight days to go.


Vintage 1980s Legend of Zelda Flip Wristwatch
Menace Beach NES
Sealed SNES Megaman X – Possibly fake and or shill bids.
X-COM: UFO Defense – This apparently became valuable at some point.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Signature Edition
Caltron 6 in 1 (NES) Sealed
PS1 Metal Gear Solid Sealed
Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Hand Painted Canvas
Nintendo Super Famicom Box Hotel System


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  1. That MMX is fake. I have contacted the seller and he doesn’t seem to mind scamming people.

    If you looks at the bids, you can clearly see he is shill bidding with another account.

    I think this site should remove this listing so not to spread misinformation.

  2. “If you looks at the bids, you can clearly see he is shill bidding with another account.”
    I don’t see clear signs of shill bidding, although it may be possible…Just because a bidder has 0% positive feedback (which may result from inactivity, not actual negative feedback) and has only bid on that one item (same reasons apply) doesn’t indicate shill bidding, and in many cases it isn’t shill bidding.
    Additionally, the Seller doesn’t seem to have sold enough rare items, games in particular, to even warrant the energy for him/her to partake in shill bidding and the creation of another account with over 200+ feedback, lol.

    “Not that I know or want to know anything about seals, but that MMX looks fake as fuck.”
    And while the seal itself does look hella fake, the box itself seems immaculate and legit (corners look good, not a noticably fake box, nor is it an easy one to fake, etc.), which are generally better indicators of a fake.

    Hell, for all I know the guy is a scammer, but it doesn’t seem that obvious from the pictures or bids, imho.
    I will also point out that the likelihood this is from his personal collection is slim, but his statement of such doesn’t necessarily mean he is a scammer. A liar and poor seller, maybe…

  3. Okay, fair enough.

    The seller is ‘likely’ using shill bidding tactics to raise the auction.

    Look at Member Id: j***8. 100% bidding with this seller in the last 30 days.

    Obviously I cannot prove that the seller is being dishonest, but the evidence points in that direction.

    • I agree with you, probably 4 out of 5 times someone is shill bidding, they likely have 100% bidding with that bidder in the last 30 days; HOWEVER, I would say far less than half of people who have 100% bidding through one bidder over 30 days when bidding on rare items are actually shill bidders.

      For example, in my last auction 2 of the 10 overall bidders had 100% of their bidding with me in the last 30 days…and I’ve never shill bid on any of my items.

      You’ll usually notice this on auctions with rare items where the potential buyers attracted are more likely to not be regular bidders on general auctions, etc.

      And I did look at the user you’re referring….The guy also has 200+ positive feedback, which suggests it is more unlikely for that to be a shill account.

      Regardless, the guy may be shill bidding, but I think it happens far less than people estimate. I’ve been accused of it a few times myself and I would never risk my reputation as a seller, let alone screw over other Ebayers.

      At the end of the day, will I bid on his auction: Hell no. There’s another one listed, a VGA 80+ which has a BIN of approximately $550….and his has far exceeded that, and, as I’ve said, the seems on his copy are suspect.

  4. I’m the seller of these items and i’m disgusted with the comments here. These games are LEGIT and I can assure you i’m more of a collector than any of you will ever be. I’m selling these as my grandma is seriously ill and she doesnt have medical insurance. Hey, i’ve ot an idea for raising money, how about you LOSERS forward me your info so I can sue you for slander? Pretty sure i’d win…

    And guess what, I had to google ‘shill bidding’. I didnt even know what the hell it was.

    Website owner, take down the previous comments or risk legal action.

    I’m disgusted at all of you. I may be the foremost collector in the world but hell. These are JUST KIDS GAMES

    • I’m a sealed collector and I often bid on games from one seller across a month or so. If someone’s selling one rare game I want, odds are they have a bunch to sell. I also make new ‘zero feedback’ accounts for expensive buys on a regular basis. I don’t want to risk my 10000+ fb sellers account on a game that may get me a bunch of negative feedback, so I register a new account. Keeps things nice and safe against thieves as well. I’ve bought several $3000-6000 games in the past year this way. One was a clear fake on arrival and using the zero feedback account kept things much easier for me. I got my money back.

    • 1) In case you didn’t notice, I did come to your defense, so chill out. There’s no point acting just as absurdedly as everyone else…Maybe next time your opening line can be, “I understand your concerns, but I assure you, everything I’ve listed is legit,” instead of acting like a child.
      2) Do you actually have any idea what slander is, the burden of proving it, cost of suit, etc.? You’d never win, especially since people here are only expressing their opinions. Even if they are wrong, you’d have the burden of showing people on these boards made their commens with the sole intent only to damage your repretention, and not at all related to them simply stating their opinions, in addition to showing ACTUAL DAMAGES arising from their comments.
      3) Your threats of suit are moot and your stated financial condition only goes to show that you wouldn’t even be able to get an attorney to look into the case and tell you how stupid it is…so again chill out. People are entitled to their opinions even if they are wrong or you disagree. Maybe next time you won’t be so fortunate as to warrant outside support and I’ll leave people to their silly bashing of Ebay sellers….

  5. Shill bidding and slander aside.

    The MMX in question is clearly a reseal. You don’t have to be collector to see that..

    This is NOT a reseal:

    You see how the Vertical and Horizontal seams are not pulled away from the package. Notice the straight vertical seem. And its hundreds cheaper.

    Your right these are only games, but trying to rip people off is no game. No one is a winner in situations like this.. including the seller.

  6. No, I am short of cash, my investments are tied up because of our damn leaders. Fact is I have over sixty copies of this game. Im first and foremost an investor and have been for three decades. I have approximately 30,000 games most sealed as well as massive amounts of 1970s-2000s toys, all sealed and pristine. I keep my collection hidden as those crass idiots that post pictures of attic collections are really only showing off things theyve picked up at goodwill.

    Legal action is backed by my company, I am cash poor but have lawyers on retainers. I ai release capital I can be hit for massive taxation, something i’ve spent years avoiding. On paper the IRS think I have an average income…

    I will speak to the person handling my ebay and send thanks to you J.

    I will donate 100% of this auction to a charity of your choosing retrogamesrepo. Lmk, we will see a happy buyer here and i’ll ‘prove’ my worth.

  7. Hey mmx seller. If you are a collector of rare sealed games do you want to buy my Mario Party 8? Its sealed an the rarest game in the world, the only copy to exist. Nintendo recalled it because its got swear words in it, every copy except mine was got back. You can read about it on wikipedia. Email me at if you are interested.

  8. ^^^^^WTF

    sealed games.

    That reminds me of that epic post on DP where somebody compaired a sealed game with a virgin.LOL

  9. Wow, a Mario Party variant? I have multiple copies of MP1-7, only a few 8, i’m on this like Whitney Houston is on crack. Tell me more my friend.

  10. Portnoyd, my company employs 28 people. My game collection is valued conservatively at $450,000 for insurance, my toy collection at much more. Without giving too many details away, I have the rarest Boba Fett figure which alone could raise six figures on the right day. My modern art collection has been exhibited worldwide. I have a lovely wife and eight gorgeous, clever children and a sexy as hell mistress in France. I hate that you People make everything about ‘one upmanship’. Is it because you are racist against me as one of the few black collectors?

  11. For the last time, NOT FAKE. I have the shipping box, an order letter from Nintendo, hell I have the original Nintendo invoice for these games and most of my sealed games as I buy direct from the manufacturer where possible.

    Please note at this point that I have many gang friends AND I know Mr T personally. Do not mess with me or i’ll get some of my Freemason friends to step in.

  12. ^^^^

    I will sell my MMx for half the price.
    And i will claim its real to.
    Im not black but i don’t wash often so im half black now.
    My grandma is not sick only in hear head so i need the money for brain transplant.

    • No kidding when i saw that shitty reseal i thought :DAMN boy thats the best you can do,are you even trying.
      Get yourself a role model kid damn.

      blacklisted my ass,he should go to a bootcamp for resealers.

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