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Pokemon Zoroark Distribution Cart (Nintendo DS)

To my knowledge, this is the first time a Pokemon Zoroark NFR cart has been sold at auction. I know a lot of DS demo collectors who are looking for this one. In the states these were used at Toys R Us on September 18-25th of last year.

Auction Here

This is from the same seller who has had multiple DS Pokemon Celebi Distribution carts for sale recently, ending from $120.00 – $175.00.


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  1. The Zoroark distribution cart ended up selling for 320 but that included all 8 of the bonus carts: DS 16,17,18,19 DSI VIDEO 1 AND 2, PICROSS 3D AND SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 SE

  2. I had Two more Zoroark carts that I was planing on listing after this one sold, but thanks to this auction I sold Both carts to collectors privately for $320 shipped (no bonus carts in the USA) and $380 shipped to Germany (with 1 bonus cart).

    Check out the latest auction of 12 promo carts $500 or best offer. I will take any offer over $350 but hey if some unsuspecting eBay don’t know about game sniped and pays $500 I am not going to complain – I have seen every single one of the carts I am offering in the next bundle sell for over $40 each recently. I know that lots are more difficult because people might have some carts already in the lot and that don;t make it worth it to them. But even at $350 shipped thats only $30 a cart and well worth it.

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