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Legend of Zelda Nintendo GameCube Prototype Controller

This was listed for a $6,000 OBO auction, but ended very quickly for $2,500.

It’s an officially licensed controller by NubyTech and Nintendo. NubyTech released the Mega Man Nintendo GameCube controller, but decided against releasing the GameCube Zelda Controller due to higher costs.

This controller was to be released in an oversized “book” box. It is non functional but has a little leather outfit at the bottom end of the controller and was an expensive mock-up done when the licensing was ongoing.

According to the seller who often deals in such materials, they only know of two of these that exist and have never seen the second one.

Auction Here (Ended)


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  1. Seller worked at Nubytech. When the company was going under they sold many prototypes and unreleased items to me to help pay the bills. I’ve got invoices to back that up. As someone who was interested in buying this controller at that time I can tell you 100% the seller was either given the controller or paid for it

  2. Why would nintendo officially license a non-working one-off prototype? Licensing comes *after* certification, and you can’t certify something that doesn’t work.

    I might believe that it was considered for licensing, and that Nuby was a licensee, but I would bet nintendo would tell you this device in particular was never licensed.

    • Prototypes would just be for the case it self not the workings and stuff, usually prototypes go through 5 or 6 stages before being finalized and finished.

  3. I’m sure that Mr.MarkDouche/BeaglePussy bought and will now send it in to have it graded and will sell it for 10x the cost they paid.

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