Full Boxed Nintendo Game & Watch Collection

Have a spare $25,000?

Here`s what you can get:

– The “full set” of all 60 Game and Watch released by Nintendo. All boxed with instructions, expect (instructions missing) : Flagman and Mario Cement Factory Panorama.
( needless to say that all games are perfectly working and in great to mint condition )
– The Super Mario Bros YM-901, boxed with instructions
– Some Ji21 variations : Chef, Mickey Mouse, Donkey Kong Jr, Parachute, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Oil Panic
– Some Pocketsize variations : Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong 2, Donkey Kong Jr, Snoopy Tennis, Popeye
– A tricotronic variation : Lion
– Videopoche variations : Octopus and Helmet
– Mego variations (loose) : Ball, Vermin and Fire
– Ultra rare releases : Octopus “offert par Vandame” boxed, Popeye “Ji21” boxed, Headache (UK Helmet) boxed, Mario Bros POKKA (loose)
– Ball 2010 re-release (Japan and US version)
– Blisterpacks : Punch Out! and Donkey Kong Jr, both NEW
– Dioramas from Banpresto : all 4 dioramas, brand new sealed.
– The Tetris Watch, original issue from Nintendo
– Some mini-classics
– 9 boxed BANDAI electronic games

Auction Here

Thanks Romain!


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  1. considering that Q lacks both the original Panasonic branded controller that came with it, and the dvd remote, I wouldn’t jump if youre looking to add it as a collectable

  2. Does it bother anyone else that seller for the Nintendo Game & Watch collection is asking for an additional $200 for shipping? You would think the least he could do is offer free shipping if he is expecting $25,000 for the lot

    • We’re only selling a complete Mickey Panorama right now (2nd rarest G&W supposedly) and we’re offering free shipping. 😛 I agree it’s a little crazy to make someone forking out that dough pay shipping.

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