Stadium Events Complete Nintendo NES

Stadium Events? Yup. This game was pulled from store shelves, making it without a doubt, the hardest to find licensed, released, game available on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It sucks that for such a valuable game, the seller has posted one measly iPhone taken photo.

Not sure what the value is on a CIB copy these days, but its not cheap.

Be careful with this one, signs point to it being a fake.

Auction Here


Small Lot With Several Rare NES Titles – Overpriced though. Bubble Bobble 2, Little Samson, Snow Bros. etc.
Sealed Sega Master System Console
NES Hot Slots
Rare N64 Title Lot – Includes ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut, Super Bowling, Beast Wars and Indy. All boxed or complete.

Thanks Rob & Nick.


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  1. The person who owns this particular game is 99% sure it is his picture. Plus, the name looks photoshopped and looks to be hovering. Shades are off, just a weird auction. If you ask for more pics, he doesnt respond, or if he does blows you off. Just a word of the wise before you are out $$$$

  2. Yeah the image looks Photoshopped to me too. The top edge of the label on the cartridge and the top edge of the box both have some mystery pixels along them.

    There’s a lot of grain and blurring too which suggests he’s trying to hide the joins…

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