5000+ Unique Title Video Game Collection

This is definitely one of the better lots I have seen on eBay. With around 9000 total titles it puts the asking price at roughly $6.30 per game. Very possibly worth it if you are going into this for resale, but still that is a high cost per game in such bulk. There is definitely some reseller out there somewhere doing a complete cost analysis of this though.

Auction Here


Rifts: Promise of Power (N-Gage) Autographed by Kevin Siembiedav – Kevin Siembieda is the President of Palladium Books. Palladium is the company responsible for the Rifts franchise in the first place, so having a copy signed by him is akin to having a copy of Metal Gear Solid signed by Hideo Kojima.
Nintendo DSi Development Unit
XBOX 360 XDK Developer Kit Sidecar Bundle – The XDK has a full sidecar with DVD PIX and EMU ports.
Resident Evil Gamecube Standee
Fallout 3 Promo Rare Tin Can With T-Shirt – This set was promotional item given as pre-order bonus by Cenega’s shop in Poland.
KillZone Life Size Rare Helghast Statue – Released to a small number of European videogame retailers to promote the release of the first Killzone game on the Playstation 2 in 2004.
Sony PlayStation 1 Blue Console (NTSC – DTL-H1001) Debugging Station – Remember when assembler had these by the Pallet? Good times.
Monkey Island Guybrush Voodoo Doll – Used to be super cheap when they first showed up. Not so much now.


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  1. Guy has zero chance to sell this. This lot has been up for a while and there’s a good reason why.

    Hell, when he first put it up, it was a monster wall of text. He showed no care when posting the auction so why would he get any back? He can’t even be bothered to truly list everything. Anyone who would drop even half the asking price on this would be foolish to do so. I would put good money on there being more to the story and you’d end up not getting what you expected to pay for.

    And, you know, one picture.

  2. I have to agree. One TINY picture for a collection like this isn’t going to help him.

    For anyone to consider spending thousands and thousands of dollars you’re going to want to list 5-10 pictures 2000px resolution MINIMUM to be taken seriously.

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