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Original Donkey Kong Junior Cereal Box 1983 Nintendo Sealed

Damn, I want this. Way rarer than the Nintendo Cereal System. Sealed too. I should start a collection of expired video game related food items.

Auction HereThanks Keith!

A bit of a mixed lot today:

Chotto Mario Edition 3DS Club Nintendo – The PAL versions have arrived! Decent starting bid too. Not the $1000 pricetag most of the Japanese versions have gone up at.
Jet Set Radio Collective Pins PAX 2012
Captain N Halloween Costume
Lot of 6 Vintage 7-11 Cups – -Ms.Pac Man, Pac Man, Turbo, Defender, Frogger & Galaga.
Complete Nintendo 64 Video Game Collection – Relist, and been up for awhile. Entire NSTC Library (loose).
Microsoft Xbox 360 Beta/Prototype Controller from 2004/2005 – This is a prototype Xbox 360 controller from 2004 that was given out with the Alpha/Beta dev kits. The first alpha/beta dev kits were on Macintosh G5’s and this was the controller that went with it. The controller design wasn’t finished but very close. The X on the front wasn’t done yet so it’s a white circle for the home button. The controller also gives labels for the Left Stick, DPad, and Right Stick marked “LS” “DP” “RS” which are not on current controllers.
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Statue – Rare statue from E3 1997.

Finally, I feel dirty for posting these two:

NIV BIBLE & 20 Lost Levels of Joshua Game Boy VGA Graded 75 – Rare? Certainly. There have been less than five CIB copies of this show up in as many years.

Nintendo NES Wild Gunman – VGA 95 Gold. Same buyer as the 50k Castlevania. This one makes ZERO sense to me. It`s the Spanish Small Box version.


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  1. I find it dumb that the seller of the cereal does not put a disclaimer to NOT EAT IT. While I personally know whatever is inside is probably no good or just a giant hard mess after 30 years, it is still common sense to cover your ass legally and put in your auction “this is for collectors purposes, the cereal inside is 99.9 likely to get you sick or worse and I recommend you do not eat it.) because in this day and age, a auction like this is open to a huge lawsuit from the buyer. “UGH, I just wanted to eat a cereal I never ate before from 1983, I had no clue it was no good and would make me sick, the seller did not warn me – he is responsible and I want damages now)

    Second that prototype controller for Xbox will not work on a retail system. I have a KRYPTON Dev kit controller from very early 2005 before the system hit the market and while it is very close to this it is another revision of the shell and buttons and it does not work on any retail system.

  2. MY Krypton controller is from feb/march of 2005 that came with with my test kit (which is RROD BTW and has a MFG date on it of 3-10-2005). While the controller for sale is A LOT EARLIER than mine (and rarer), my controller does not work on a retail system, I don’t see why a controller that is even earlier than mine (alpha kit) would work on a retail 360 either, that is all I am inferring.

  3. I’d just like to thank you again for helping me with my auction, I’ve had a lot of interest shown already, so thank you so much! πŸ˜€

  4. Someone bought that Wild Gunman for $50,000?! It can’t be…

    Item condition: Brand New
    Ended: Jun 07, 201201:13:46 PDT
    Sold For: US $50,000.00

  5. Bought for 50k? No. BIN’d and then negotiated down? Yes. The seller who’s bought that game has been doing this quite a lot lately with these sealed in demand games.

    • How does that work, exactly? (not that I’m doubting you, I just don’t understand it)…

      After he agrees to buy it, he tells the seller No, take this much and the seller says “Okay”? What’s in it for the seller? Can’t they just then file a non-paying bidder and relist the auction?

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