Lollipop Chainsaw Promo Press Kit

Includes deluxe sided Lollipop Chainsaw box, “autographed” Zombies Suck! card, an XL-sized shirt, “bloody” Pom Poms, a twirly baton, five keychains featuring Nick’s head, a red shout horn, a Lollipop Chainsaw lollipop, a full-sized poster, stickers and a temporary tattoo. Plus some bonuses from E3.

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  1. @portnoyd it’s not like Thessalia was the only bidder.

    Stuff is worth what people are willing to pay. Nothing more nothing less..

    • It may be true that people can pay whatever they want for something, but we also have every right to say that it is foolish to do so. Everyone has the right to pay $10 for a can of Pepsi, but I would say that is stupid. Everyone has the right to pay $7000 for a sealed VGA Game Boy game, but again, we can rightly say that is stupid. It is things like that that indicate that taxes are too low.

      • If said can of Pepsi is 25 years old not a typical can found in any vending machine. $10 might not be a bad deal..

        Anyway, I’m not about to argue with someone with the nickname Badinsults. I do know better than that!

  2. How about $10 for a can of draft beer at the baseball stadium. That is Cleveland. Can’t imagine what the price is at a New York game.

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