N64 Paper Mario PAL Australia Edition

Can anyone explain to me why this is fetching so much? I’m assuming it was an Australian Only edition with a limited press run, but that’s a guess. Seller claims that only 1000 were made, but I don’t see that being realistic.

Auction Here – Price is pretty crazy.



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  1. Disappointed with the resident Evil.

    I had both the gamestop version and the original GC version factory sealed + Both Preview (gamestop exclusive) Disc’s all factory sealed and I sold them to a guy in Canada for $250 shipped for all 4. I should have had them all VGA graded and made a Mint.

  2. Paper Mario was released quite late (end of 2001) in Australia with a small print run and a high RRP (~AU$130). Paper Mario, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Mario Party 3 were the last of the first party N64 releases here, and they all fetch in the range of $AU100-150.

    This is a major outlier, but could probably be blamed on either a) shill bidding or b) it’s tax time in Australia and people have refund money to burn.

  3. Paper mario has always fetched good coin here in Australia, even at the tail end time of the system, id see game go for the price in the above post – $150.

  4. Does the Australia currency dominate the American dollar? U were saying $130 dollar at release. Your currency must be amazing compared to ares.

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