Atari Jaguar Injection Molds

I think these were first listed back in 2010.

This is the complete Atari Jaguar Injection Mold Tooling package for all parts and components to build the Jaguar game system. This tooling package is complete and contains all the molds that make up the base housing, the game cartridge, all the buttons and light pipes and also the optional CD player assembly. The complete mold set when first built by Atari was extreme with costs hitting over $250,000.00 to design and build it. The Jaguar tooling received the best of everything, top grade Steel materials for the mold bases and a US based Injection molding group to handle and direct the project.

Auction Here

The seller also has newly produced white shells from the molds for sale.

Fun Fact: Imagin Systems, a manufacturer of dental imaging equipment, purchased the molding plates for several of the Jaguar’s casings as, with minor modification, they were the right size for housing their HotRod camera. Even the game cartridge molds were reused to create an optional memory expansion card. Later product casings also bear a significant resemblance to the Jaguar.

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  1. I realy hope someone has the cash to buy these so that they can be preserved since the seller says that if no one buys he will put then for scraps and thats a real shame.

  2. That Jaguar stuff should be preserved. If nobody buys them he should give them away instead of discarding them. Or make a deal with him on the side locally. Anyways – it is in my watch list.

  3. He relisted these with a BUY IT NOW and BEST OFFER again but claims he will scrap them if no-body buys them. He should just do an auction the with fair shipping and get as much as he can of them. Even if they only sell for $500 that better than throwing them away. I personally do the BUY it now and best offer thing too, but I will relist something 4 or 5 times before I go to an auction format for it or just not sell it. If I am going to throw something away I will sell it for .01 as long as shipping and fees are covered. cause .01 is better than nothing.

  4. Some people dont understad this when he says for scraps he actualy says selling the stell to a company that melts it and recicles then, so he will be making money one way or another personaly i understand the seller making a auction and only getting like 500$ when he can sell the stell for 1000$ (True estimate on the value). anyway i just want to explain the he wont sent then to a scrapyard or something he will actualy sell the molds to a recycling company.

  5. Well that is understandable. If the scrap value is $1000 then he should do a auction format with a minimum bid of the scrap value – if they don’t sell then I would understand sending them to the scrap guy for the same cash. I just think that if cannot get a eBay buyer he should allow a sale or someone to buy them for his scrap value in cash for the sake of preservation.

  6. Anyone know if that Saturn USB pad is the decent quality one that was being sold in Japan a while back?

    Or is it a cheapy HK model

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