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Not something you see posted for sale every day. A few rarities, but honestly not something for everyone.

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Mega Drive Greylancer – 1992 Japanese Shooter that was eventually released on the Virtual Console in Europe and North America in 2008. Awesome game and somewhat rare.
Gameboy Factory Sealed Donkey Kong Land 2 – These were blown out in huge quantities for cheap prices awhile ago, and a lot of people are sitting on them hoping for a nice flip.
Nintendo Power Glove With Case – I love the Power Glove, it`s so Bad. Joking aside, I have always wanted one of these cases.
Super Famicom Boxed Lot Of 100 Games – Cheap collection filler, free shipping too.
Playstation 2 Winning Eleven 7 International Limited Edition
NES Smart Boy Tetris Pirate Cartridge
Nice Vintage Nintendo Pin Lot
Microsoft XBOX 360 Demonstration Mini Kit “Medusa” Kiosk Control Pack – This is designed for a retailer kiosk unit and it hooks up to the Xbox 360 console. The device allows for reset timing, and other demo options.
Sega Game Gear Coca Cola Limited Edition – Sega went the extra mile with Coca-Cola in 1994 and developed a game called Coca-Cola Kid. It was a pack-in for the new red, Coke-branded Game Gear. Neither product was ever released outside Japan.


Super Nintendo Final Fight Brand New Factory Sealed SNES Mint Case & Games (Shipping Case)


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  1. I am disapointed you are featuring the MEDUSA – Xbox kiosk Kit for $99.99 by it self.

    I have listed these for the past 3 weeks and due to my sales other are starting to list their. The one you listed is $99.99 and comes by it self which means the buyer can do NOTHING with it.

    I also offer the Medusa by it self for $64.99 + free shipping.

    I also offered the ENTIRE KIT – and not a used one either a BRAND NEW ONE – comes with the power supply and all the cables that plug into including the volume controls and the loop back cable. The loop back cable is SUPER IMPORTANT. Even if you did buy the unit by itself and figured out how to power it you cannot use it without the proprietary loop back cable. This cable is the same on both ends and because it is only for demo purposes there is no need to sell one of these at retail, not even 3rd party companies make them. SO without the loop-back it is useless.

    I offer the loop back with my auction.

    I also have over 20+ factory sealed 360 KIOSK demos for sale. I offer them in LOTS by themselves, I also offer them in bundle with the Kiosk control packs (medusa).

    I really wish you would have featured my Medusa Auctions instead. I submitted them several times. I also have multiple sales for full bundles over $300 each. I sold one for $64.99 for just the control pack alone and I even included a loopback cable to the buyer free of charge so he could at least use it if he found the right power supply for it and he was very grateful for it.

    Item number: 300765952790
    Item number: 300767306023
    Item number: 300767306224
    Item number: 300766159345

      • I know you have featured alot of my stuff lately and I thank you VERY MUCH for the ones that were cool enough to make the site.

        While I submit everything I list that is unique and video game related I know not everything will make the List and that is cool.

        I was just disappointed that you finally listed a MEDUSA (Kiosk control pack) that wasn’t mine – when I am the only one who has them BRAND NEW and COMPLETE and non-complete as well. The one you featured was over priced for a unit that you can do nothing with – unless the buyer can acquire a loop-back cable, but anyways – I just figured my Medusa auctions were way better and didn’t make the cut and this guy did.

        Plus I have all the DEMOS (most of them anyways) too.

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