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Angry Birds Sega Mega Drive

I’ve been waiting for a copy of this to show up since the ROM was posted online earlier this summer by the Chinese ptogrammer . While obviously not an official port, it is crazy that someone did the work to get this on the Mega Drive.

With the click and drag as opposed to touch, it’s not quite the Angry Birds experience you know, but the the physics and game play are surprisingly good. This is not your average pirate, it is a full blown original homebrew game.

No word yet, on if this copy is a a release from the original programmer, a repro or from a pirate company.

Auction Here


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  1. Might want to get your facts straight, this was never “dumped,” a Chinese programmer made it and posted it on the Spritesmind forums. Any cartridges of it so far probably I’m guessing are someone’s own reproductions of it rather than the works of some pirate company that’s mass producing them.

  2. We don’t know yet if the release on our forum was the one used for this cart.
    We also don’t know if it’s, in fact, a release from the original programmer or from a pirate company

  3. Why is it that some of these links to the auctions have been removed by ebay? stuff like the angry birds MD game and the Gameboy multicart are gone!

  4. ebay has a policy against pirated material, sometimes things fly under the radar, sometimes they don’t. Same thing happens with prototypes, youll get alot of overzealous dudes trying to undercut your ebay earnings by getting your auction canned then trying to swoop in with private messages.

    ps can someone link the angry birds rom

  5. Kotaku picked up the Angry Birds, probably helped with too much exposure.

    I think there’s a link to the rom in the forum mentioned in the main post. Someone mirrored it.

  6. Yeah, I kind of got lucky last time a Pokémon Jade copy showed up, it saves too! I was worried Ebay would pull out the listing

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