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Museum display along with a movie and cabinet for storage

So I’ve been trying to do more extensive hunting and see what other interesting items I could find that might be of more interest. So lets see what we’ve got for this posting shall we.


sega history collection with original factory display case.  This is so cool, it’s a model scale replica of all the home consoles that Sega produced during it’s console lifetime. It’s not apparently worth much as it was somewhat massed produced in Japan by a company called Yujin. The sheer detail of the craftsmanship is astonishing, and not to mention chibi cute. Asking price is a little steep, but keep in mind that it includes the fact that it’s coming from Europe.


2 Nintendo / Playstation Retail Display Cases Even more amazing are these Nintendo and Playstation retail display cabinets that most likely were used in Toys R Us or Kaybee Toys in the 90s. There are some minor blemishes on them according to the seller, but still, if ya got the cash and space.


      TURBO GRAFX 16 RARE point of sale…   Another point of sales demo vhs tape, my specialty of course. Was used in Toys R Us in the early 90s to advertise.


Microsoft XBOX 360 Demo Unit Demonstration Display KIOSK CONTROL PACK KIT RARE These are popping up like crazy on Ebay, and the sad part is I have one with me at home, and they do NOTHING other than lock you out of the console’s main dash board so you can’t tamper with the system in the store. That’s it, they’re really not worth much money, but hey they are interesting if there are other uses for them.





Written by Neo Star

Hey there one and all! My name's Neo Star, no not quite a video game, more along the lines of the name of the former company that owned Gamestop back in the mid-90s when it was known as Babbage's. I am all about fun, and enjoy hunting for the rarest and sometimes the most common of games, trinkets, anything else video game related you can think of.

My knowledge of video games past is not something that can be written as being the most astonishing library the world has known, but it is that of someone who lived through the evolutions of game playing as a kid growing up in the 90s, and with that said, I am a Sega fanatic, argue it if you would like, but I LOVED me some Sega.

I spend a lot of my time hunting the jungles of Ebay, and sometimes Craigslist, so if I find something that seems interesting enough to share, keep your eyes pealed, and please be gentle but honest with any comments, if my posts and finds are good, I'm happy, if they're bad, tell me, but be kind.

I am happy to be here and excited to share, so hello fellow Gamesniped aficionados.


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  1. NEOSTAR – you are wrong. You need to do your research a bit more.

    The kiosk control pack do many things besides lock you out of the dash, which is REAL IMPORTANT for anyone who wants to use their 360 in a retail environment and lock kids out of setting parental codes.

    Second they are popping up like crazy but you need the LOOP BACK CABLE to make it work properly and I would say I am the only one who has them with the loop back cable. Without it the Kiosk control pack is USELESS.

    Third. I am the only one with a complete set. Mine comes with the external volume controls and allows independent headsets.

    Fourth Mine has the Memory card interface adapter. This is a cool feature to have because you can disconnect it from the kiosk control pack and with a simple Microusb to usb adapter ($2) you can use it on a slim which allows the old memory cards 16mb – 512mb to be used on a slim system. It also allows you on the Kiosk control pack to interface with the system and take content home with you.

    Lastly and the MOST IMPORTANT feature is the dip switches. The dip-switches lock in and out features of exclusive demos. We all know the Official Kiosk demos are not available to the public, but a quick search of completed auctions will go to show that the official kiosk demos are very collectable for many reasons. First these kisok demos contain downloads, gamessaves, features and achievements that are not available on XBOX LIVE. This was a nice gimmick marketing feature that manipulated gamers to come into stores with a kiosk and try out the new demo each month. And since the demos were only in the stores for one month, it built excitement for younger and more hardcore gamers to come in and add achievements and points to their profile that their friends could not get. Bragging rights for rare achievements. Also there was also downloadable content for titles that would give one of a kind items not avalanche on live – again bragging rights. So since Microsoft did not want to make a specific demo for each retailer (gamestop, toys r us, walmart, target, sears, ect…) they made ONE DISC and used the dip switch features on the kiosk control pack to lock and unlock content on the same kiosk demo. So if Toys r us did not allow marketing for games rated above Teen, the kiosk pack could lock those demos out, the demo knew only to display toys r us approved content. Where the same demo showed M rated content for Gamestop. It also allowed different achievements for each retailer to get customers to go to more than one store and bring their memory card to get all the rare special achievements.

    So for a collector who has this in their possession with all the cords and accessories can duplicate the kiosk environment in their home and start to collect all the rare kiosk demos which were limited to 11,000 a month and 90% are destroyed or throwaway at the end of each month, or as I did when I worked there, took the old demos and saved them for eBay auctions.

    You can see from completed auctions my whole set of just the kiosk control without demos has sold from $250-400 each as a complete kit and I have sold 3 full sets with 5-15 demos included for $400+. I also have sold just demo sets from $150-400 each. I have been features here on game sniped quite a few times and I always get fair value for rare things like this. While your opinion is very narrow, as a active gamesniped member and long time featured eBay seller I ask that the opinion of it being worthless because you think it just locks out the dashboard be updated to include all the other features I mentioned. Also the fact I am the ONLY eBay seller with a complete kit and not just the USELESS MEDUSA (that is the grey box only) for sale. I have MEDUSA only for $50 bux or best offer and to be honest I will take $20+ on any best offer because like I said they are quite useless without all the cables and accessories, you can’t even use it. SO for someone who has a kiosk or a full set that needs a replacement I will gladly sell them a pack only.

    I honestly think that post like this slander or hurt the value of my eBay auctions because I do have precedent as well as other features stories here that show the true value of it. Then to have a blurb like this nullify everything in the past that has been said about my kiosk control pack auctions and demo auctions – I think it is unfair and defamitorty as new readers are only given a very narrow opinion based on your article of what this item is, when it clearly is SO MUCH MORE.

    I do appreciate the feature of this on the site. It has been featured many times before and I have no asked for it to be featured again, usually I will email link when I have a good auction (which I just submitted). But I do have quite a few of these full sets left for sale and I have MANY – rare and collectable kiosk demos for sales (many factory sealed) which are quite collectable. Even (8) disc’s from the XBOX 1 Kiosk I sold the other day for $90 bux. It shows that internal only kiosk demos like Nintendo NFR cars are quite rare and valuable.


    • I apologize immensely if you feel like I did wrong in my post about the Medusa pack. Yes I agree that it is an interesting and neat little feature that was never meant for the public. I too have a complete kiosk pack along with the loop back cable and other parts to make it function, I am currently a part-time retail rep for Microsoft and have messed with the pack to see what it could do.

      Yes in the beginning of the 360’s lifespan, when the kiosks were first rolling out the packs allowed for differentiation of material advertising on the demo displays, but in more recent years that has been eliminated as ALL retailers now get the EXACT SAME demo material.

      Second, it really is not that special an item, it is rare because it is meant for internal retail use but is then shipped back to Microsoft, but it really is a boring thing to have, it just locks you out of the console’s home screen.

      It used to be up until just last year, that the dipswitches did in fact change the retail logo on the screen and what demos were available, but now with the Windows 8 change it eliminates the retailer logo and the material being shown, thereby making the dipswitches useless now. Even the memory feature was discontinued on kiosks a couple of years ago.

      The pack is not that amazing, and the demo discs are more neat little knick knacks, aside from all that, the kiosk material is really just a box with some features that yes I agree are nifty, but nothing more.

      I’m sorry if it seems like buzzkill, but I usually just throw the material out in the dumpsters in the stores, the kiosk is usually taken apart, the TV is given to the stores to do whatever they want, the systems are sent back to Microsoft, and the kiosk packs, controllers, and whatever else are often chucked into the trash in back of the stores, because at the end of the day, once decommissioned, they are just wasted space that give spiders and other tiny insects places to hide and live.

      Deeply sorry to say all this, but unfortunately it’s how retail works. Not only are the demo products disposable, but so are we employees, Microsoft has five separate retail companies they outsource to in the US, and it’s difficult to know who does what for each store, but the material could be kept by some of the employees, it’s really easy as Microsoft usually asks for JUST for the consoles back.

      Signed with regards,

      Neo Star

  2. I too was a Rep. I have repped for 20 years. I repped for Sony, Nintendo and M$. In those 20 years, anything I was allowed to keep or was told to throw away I STORED knowing one day it would be a payday for me. I might have had to sit on it for 10+ years but it was worth it. Many companies had policies that even after you left anything they didn’t want returned was supposed to be thrown away (which I did, and then taken out of the trash by my brother or wife or someone else..LOL) SO I followed protocol. And there were alot of policys of not getting caught selling that kind of stuff for a full year or so after leaving. I was a M$ REP FROM 2001 (I was in time square) for the Xbox original with Bill Gates and the Rock. I was a rep through the demise of the program in 2009 before it was reborn. Once I signed my parting agreement which stated they They owe me nothing more and I owe them nothing more I was free to cash in on anything “I threw away at their request that was dumpster dived by someone I knew afterwards” Aside from my feeling about these companies and how they treated me, I don’t think your outlook on the products is very positive way to look at it. When I worked for Sony I was given an extra Briefcase, I was told when I left for Nintendo that I couldn’t sell anything I obtained from Sony during my time working there for 1 year. I sat on my original field suitcase (which was leather) for 15 years before selling it. And It was a Payday $500+. Now that I have been off Xbox’s paydar for 5 years and the forms I signed that put me as far from them as possible, it is time to start selling all the “Trash” or “Collectibles” that I stored over the years.

    Yes I agree, they (Kiosk packs) don’t do all the cool stuff like they used to. And to quote you, “kiosk packs, controllers, and whatever else are often chucked into the trash in back of the stores” This is why my collection is so valuable. I have all BRAND NEW (never used) with all the accessories. I have sold many to people who bring their Xbox’s to shows or conventions to help protect their systems dashboards. But from a collectors point of view. There are 5 years of demos 2005-2010 that, before they got rid of the retail logos and started making a single disc that was no longer DIP SWITCH lockable, are worth collecting and having. THose 5 years of disc’s have many rare things on them. There are Video of games that never came out that you can’t find anywhere. There are Acheviments that are rare and you can no longer get. There is DLC for tons of games that is not on live anymore, songs for rockband and guitar hero that were exclusive to the kiosks. SO many Cool things hidden on those disc’s over 5 years that Xbox collectors want to have.

    The 1.0 – the very first KIOSK DEMO has DLC and Achievements that are super rare that disc alone sells for $40. I have sold 20 of them over the past year. Granted I will take a fair best offer but still one disc worth so much for a few silly reasons. It’s content. It’s 1.0 moniker, ect… Then there are White labeled and Compendium Kisosk disc that are even rarer. The V2.4V2 was a white labled disc that was sent out to reps for only one retailer. Because the original 2.4 didn’t unlock the content correctly. SO there was maybe 2000 printed because it was for only ONE STORE. I was very lucky, M$ used to send us almost double the disc’s we needed. SO I always had 20-40 disc’s factory sealed each month while I placed the others in my stores. Then when a new demo came out. I would make sure to collect and store the old disc instead of throwing it away. Since I placed them and took them out myself, 95% of the time (gamestop excluded) the demos were untouched, they just spun in the kiosk for one month. So when I pulled them out they were scratch free and fingerprint free and looked as good as the day I placed them in there. I put them in an entirely separate box. When I left Xbox I had v1.0 all the way to v5.0.2 along with many one of a kind disc’s and demos. I sat on them from when I left till about last year. Remember these were supposed to be trashed. SO they were “wink wink” but I knew one day I would have a nice collection of very rare one of kind demos that really never made their way into the world. I personally have been on eBay since 1999 (I was repping in 1995 on ward). SO when I discovered eBay I was young and dumb. I knew these one of a kind promos and collectables would fetch me extra funds. I repped for one company that caught me selling them on eBay and fired me “even though It was trash and not expected to be returned”. I fought them on that but from then on I knew. Any collectible or promo or kiosk or whatever I got my hands on, if the company said I could keep it or dispose of it, JUST PUT IT AWAY FOR ANOTHER DAY. I never sold an asset again while working for that company. So now that I am semi retired, I have 20 years of gaming promos and such stored in my garage and attic. Sometimes I pull out box’s of stuff that I had no clue I had and other times I go looking for ab ox of something that I know will fetch big cash but can’t find it and it breaks my heart. The other day, I was in my draw and I was lucky enough to sit with the head of bungee one year who was giving a keynote to all of us about halo 2. It was quite a treat. I ran into him at the bar that night and we talked, I was just an in love fan boy, and he knew that, he reached into his brief case and gave me a very nice (not a typical store giveaway promo) but a high end pen in a box. It was a halo 2 executive Pen. I never took it out, just took the cover off the box to look at it. I forgot I even had it. Anyways I wonder if anyone on eBay would appreciate it? Well While I am still an avid gamer and a big fan of Xbox and PS and even Nintendo. I am at a point in my life where bills are getting up there. KIDS and School and Mortgage and while I make ends meet, I like extra cash and getting ahead. I am liquidating anything I can find that is worth something. Many things I have don;t have a value because NO ONE has sold them before. The PS Brief case field kit was one of those things, one of a kind in brand new condition 15+ years old. I asked $649.00 for it (ridicules price if you ask me) but I am always open to offers. A PSX museum collector wanted it and only wanted to pay $500 or so. I agreed. There are many other rare things I have sold, one of a kind Carts that never made it to retail, training manuals and materials, pre-press kits, internal videos for training. All these things that when they came out would have set off a shit load of corporate alarms but 10+ years later are just great one of kind collectors pieces.

    I had 4 whole KIOSKS in my garage when the Xbox 1 was taken out of service. I was told to let the stores auction them off or raffle them off or whatever, we didn’t even want the systems or the TV’s (tubes) back. I was very friendly with my stores and I convinced 4 stores to allow me to take it home as a trophy. I had a shitload of parts to make them LIKE BRAND NEW. I still do to this day have new parts and have sold off these parts to people looking to restore their kiosk. I ended up last year finding many doctors and dentist to buy my kiosks and empty my garage for thousands of dollars and it paid off that car loan I wanted to get rid of. I was even lucky enough to have TWO whole 360 kiosks. I had to buy the system and the TV myself (Which I got on eBay and Craigslist cheap) but once I restored them to BRAND NEW I got thousands more for them as well. Just last week did I finally sell off the final 360 controller arms I had to a guy who wanted to mount wired controllers in his store (he made his own holding brackets) for demo purposes.

    Point is, the kiosk control pack is a great piece of hardware to own for a collector or hardcore gamer. TO own 20+ (close to 5 years) of Kisok demos and the box that allows them to access each retailers content is a journey for the buyer that allows them to waste their time unlocking the same content for most retailers, but to enjoy when that GEN or that rare store only content comes up for them to enjoy, Have it be a achievement to add to their live account, or to watch the full 5 minute trailer for true fantasy online, or to watch some other game that never came out, or to play a demo for a game that was either completely overhauled or scrapped. To own the STORE only demos, just like people that collect NFR carts, or In store only demos for the other systems, xbox and xbox 360 is no different. There is much to be appreciated.

    For someone who wants everything from the ability to use the memory card on the slim, to locking their dashboard out to friends or using it in a private retail or trade-show (as I do – i use a Kiosk control pack when I show off my products on Xbox at a tradeshow), to unlocking disc content to being able to use your surround sound but still have headphones with their own volume controls. There is much more to the Kiosk control pack than just a little grey box not worth much. Yes, we both agree by its self it is worthless, but add all the cables and attachments and that impossible to find LOOP BACK CABLE and it becomes something rare to have, and with reps today “throwing them away and no one saving them, or even just holding on to used ones” There is value in knowing sellers like me Have Brand new Factory sealed collectible Kiosk packs with a BOATLOAD of demos too. One day they will be even rarer than they are now. This console cycle went a LONG TIME, longer than it should have, and back in 2005 when this was all new, seems like a lifetime ago, but seeing how the same system 8 years later is being promoted in the store, it is like a totally new system. So the products we used in retail 8 years ago really are collectible already, just wait until the 360 is laid to rest how cool some of these products will be.

    I don’t mean to seem rude, I respect gamesniped and always have. Link and company have been very good to me over the years and I appreciate it. I just feel as a avid viewer of this site and being so open and outgoing here, to have one of my products remarked as rubbish or valueless when in the past it was not looked at that way, I was hoping for a bit of revival. I can understand featuring an item from a seller who don’t even know what this site is and either helping him make a sale or hurting his sale because he has it over priced or has mis-information about his product. But someone like me who has a proven track record of sales of the same collectibles and someone who admires this site, I feel like the blurb on the page is going to hurt my items when in fact I have something special where the others selling the same thing only have a small part. No one want to buy something that is missing the important pieces to make it work especially when they are impossible to find because they are not publicly available, but when someone has EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make it work included I think it should not be treated the same way in it’s appraisal.


  3. The reason my outlook is so grim and sad looking at this is because it’s reflective of how me and my team of reps are treated by our company. Microsoft outsources to FIVE different companies to handle their retail work, and many of those companies including the one I work for, treat us like we’re dirt, they give us horrid pay, no benefits, and hours like you can’t believe.

    I would LOVE to work for Nintendo or Sony, but they have not given me any callbacks, their paydays and treatment of employees are really good, of course as long as you do the job properly as asked:-)

    I have at least one of each Xbox 360 kiosk disc from 2011 to now, as WELL as loads of PS3 kiosk discs complete with their original instruction sheets, because at the same time, the company I currently work for also assist Sony with their video games. So I know that once I leave this company for a better job, I’ll sell these things off for a little extra cash myself;-)

    I will make sure not to write things that might upset or hurt other sellers. I apologize as that is not my intention, and I will edit my post.


    Neo Star

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on an item, and your opinions is very valid, but I felt it was only a small part of the story. Yes by it self the grey box does nothing and even if you have a loop back cable it still does nothing, but with all the other parts and especially a boatload of demos it is something very niche and fun for a collector especially gamers who want the history, achievements and DLC on those disc’s and the Kiosk pack is very central to people who want to collect those discs. Hence why I took hours of my time to write LONG detailed descriptions of everything the kiosk packs do. The past features on this site for anything kisok control pack or demo related was very positive and then all of a sudden it felt negative. I appreciate the revival of your post, IT IS MOST APPRECIATED, very much! I have been on Gamesniped a LONG TIME, more years than I can remember, and I know that a posting here does have INFLUENCE over buyers and collectors. I rely on sites like this to give me that extra push to help me sell one of a kind or rare things that people might not go looking for in a typical eBay search. Many sales have I gotten from people who come here and see a featured item and say “OH I HAVE TO HAVE THAT FOR MY COLLECTION” and end up making an offer or a purchase.

    I know that Link and others also have a huge back history of items, their worth/value, rareness and even sellers who always have gamesniped worth items on eBay. I have also been featured more times than I can count. Several of my NFR carts, Demos, Kiosk Parts ect.. I have sold tons of retailer specific one off items. The website has really helped me get noticed and I appreciate anyone at gamesniped who sees my stuff and continues to feature it.

    As for your hatred of who you work for. I am with you. I have been a rep for 20 years. Started with Sony back with PS1 when being a rep was new and different. It was 1995 and PSX was the new kid on the block and I was VERY YOUNG (still in college). It was my first job. It didn’t last long. I worked for other companies as a rep too, A sound card company, a VIdeo card company, a video edition suite company. After Sony I went to Nintendo. Which the reps worked directly for the BIG N just as they did with sony. Then I went on to PC companies. Then when I saw M$ was coming out with XBOX I tried to get the company I was a rep for at the time, to convince them to sit down with M$ and try to get their tech into the xbox since the Xbox 1 was really a PC. I was told by that company I was an idiot and that M$ would never succeed in the gameing world and that nintendo and sony would destroy them in 1 to 2 years. BOY WERE THEY WRONG. I left them and found out only a month or Two before launch they sent a small team to M$ to talk to them about soundcard technology for the XBOX, by then it was too late as Nvidia already had the MPU / GPU in the xbox which did sound, video and grafix. I was told years later by someone at that company at a trade show that I was right and that if we acted when I wanted them to, about 18-15 months before the system was launched in late 99 early 2000 that it would have given them a better chance to get into xbox, but hey I knew I was right, felt good to hear that a large corporation was wrong and they should have listened to one of their employees (ME) and they could have been part of a multi million dollar success (the Xbox). Also would have allowed them to pitch for 360, but when the 360 went all multi core and ATI gpu – there was no more similarity to a PC – it was a real console. So again I was right they were wrong and it felt good to know that.

    When I signed up for the Xbox team, I was surprised to find that unlike Sony, Nintendo and others I worked for, I would not be a M$ employee but a 3rd party company which at the time was exclusive to M$ Xbox. They treated us as close to actual employees as possible and it was just as good as working for Sony or Nintendo for the first 4-5 years or so, after that it became crap and I help on for another 3 1/2 years but then it all came to an end. I lost my full time job. They wanted to take me from 40 hours a week and offer me 16 hours a week. The kicker was that there was a new starting salary too, and that all the raises and such I earned over the 9 years with them would be erased and I would have to start for .50 cents an hour than what I started at in 2001. I threw up the middle finger and left. Started my own company and today am semi retired. They treated us like crap too. After all that time I was going to be treated like a newb, no thanks. That is what happens when you don’t work directly for the client and you are part of the company that M$ hires to do their bidding. They treated us like crap too, so i feel your pain. Nintendo is a hard gig to get, the reps there stay on for 5+ years many of them close to 10 years, so to find an opening is hard. Sony I am unsure of these days, but last time I heard they are still direct reps but many are part time and there aren’t many career positions within Sony as a rep.

    Don’t have a grim outlook, just store and save EVERYTHING you can. Anything you don;t use that is supposed to be thrown away, SAVE. If you don’t have to return it Save it. Everything has value and in the end it is compensation for the horrid treatment you talk about.

  5. You read a very long conversation between me and NEO STAR. We both had a lot in common to share. Which was quite cool I felt that he didn’t look at all the factors and features of an Item I had for sale and dismissed it as worthless when in fact previous gamesniped features said otherwise in his write up. I felt as a featured eBay seller who always gets props (I hate the word props..LOL) for my auctions, to have it dismissed as a junk box was not the whole picture. The fact that the grey kiosk box is showing up a lot lately is a very valid thing to report on. The face that it basically locks out your dashboard is also valid, but when you add all the accessories and start collecting and using the collectable kiosk disc tat the pack was meant to be used with it becomes SO MUCH MORE. Many people are trying to sell these but they don;t get far with them because they don;t have all the parts that make them work. I have a complete kit and my kits are not used they are Brand new – Never saw a retail environment. On top of that I have 19+ of the collectible disc that can be used with this kiosk box. I just wanted to get that message across because new gamesniped readers might mis interpret the opinion of what a kiosk control pack is and it could invalidate the value of things I have held onto for years hoping that their rareness and collectablity would be something to cash in on.

    As we got further into the conversation turns out NEO and I are cut from the same cloth and background, so it was fun talking to him here in very long messages and comments.

    In the end I feel I helped him as a gamesniped writer to not only focus on negitive aspects of items for sale, but to allow him to explore everything that is out there and determine if someone is truly selling something special or if it just a quick attempt at a fast buck by selling a single part that won’t do a thing without the 5-10 other parts needed to enjoy the full experience.

    NEO thanks again for the fun conversation.

  6. I actually have some neat little trinkets that were from the days before Gamestop was born and was known as Babbage’s Software. They are the original VHS video tapes that used to play on auto-rewind in the front of Babbage’s stores in the 90s, I am not gonna be putting those up for sale as they are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find due to the stores all being told to throw them out after the promotion periods.

    Although I was just a mere little tyke back during the glory days of Babbage’s and Software Etc., for some reason I have VERY vivid memories of just standing outside in the mall and watching the TVs in those blocky white fixtures.

    To sum this up, I do keep things because even if they don’t have monetary value, they do have some personal value, and these store tapes are an example.

    On that note, my name Neo Star is actually a take off the company name that Babbage’s created in 1994 when it first merged with Software Etc., NeoStar Retail Group, which only lasted three years before going broke in 1996.

  7. I used to frequent Babbages as a PSX rep back in 95/96 I remember the demise of the store.

    Those tapes if they are in great condition and don;t have NOISE (tracking issues) will fetch a nice dollar amount on eBay. Especially if you have games on them that are rare or never came out. That was way before youtube and such so you have some little gems.

    You might want to hook up a VCR to a PC and capture each of those tapes and make a youtube channel dedicated to those captures. I bet you would get a boatload of hits. Monetize the channel and I will guarantee nice checks even after the tapes are sold and gone.

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