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NES PAL Sealed Shipping Boxes & VGA Prototypes

Seller video_gamers has a few interesting things for NES collectors. With my love of shipping boxes, my favourites are this PAL Nintendo NES RAD RACER sealed factory shipping box and this PAL Nintendo NES CHESSMASTER sealed factory shipping box. Prices on the other stuff (PAL Exclusives) are a little high for my tastes.

Also VGA Protos!

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VectorMan Ultra Saturn Concept Design Art
Monkeytropolis Neverhood 3 Concept Art PS1 Ellis Goodson Signed Doug TenNapel
SIGNED THOR AACKERLUND nintendo world championships 1990 FINALS poster
GERMAN VERSION NTSC Nintendo NES RAID 2020 boxed complete CIB Color Dreams


Nintendo Game Cube STARLIGHT GOLD


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  1. VGA, the only authority that needs to check without people outside of their business in order to get authentication on if what they’ve got is real or not.

    BTW, anyone that has ever spoken to Jason knows he will ALWAYS tell you that something might be different. Stress on the word might. Even things he’s certain are final he’ll always say “might.” Don’t be a sucker, people.

    • I’m assuming you mean DreamTR when you say Jason and holy shit is that true. For a guy who has so much crap, you’d think he’d know a little more about what he’s dealing in, lol.

  2. Arrrgh!, VGA is normally a pain, but encasing prototypes is extremely ignorant, they are development betas and have no art label or anything that must be preserved EXCEPT for the code inside, at least they didn’t expose the EPROMS to the light with this one.

  3. I enquired on slabbing a prototype throught them soley cuz i like that the “title label” at the top. They told me i had to have a 50$ authentification on top of the grading fee. I td them all my protos came from the owner of the company and have all emails to verify. Even know the original programmer who can verify. They said it had to be authenticated through there people. Now how the hell are their employees more qualified to authenticate a proto than the owner of company or the original programmer?!!

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