Coke or Pepsi? The Battle Continues

First came Mario vs. Sonic. Then came Sony vs. Nintendo. But before all that came a much greater rivalry – Coke vs. Pepsi, a war that still rages today. Even video games became a battleground between the two soft drinks over the years – just look at these two items!

Coca-Cola Game Gear (with Coca-Cola Kid game) – A specially branded Coca-Cola Game Gear, with a bundled-in game called Coca-Cola kid. Distributed in limited quantities in Japan. One of these bad boys is on display at the official Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta!

Pepsiman SONY PlayStation PS1 GAME JAPAN – A relatively famous promo game by Pepsi for the PS1 in Japan, you control the tokusatsu hero/advertising icon Pepsiman in a bizarre endless runner. Pepsiman got even more merch later on – even figures were made!

Other Auctions:

Nintendo Power Presents Luigi’s Mansion figure – Another one of the rare JoyRide Studios figurine, featuring Luigi and his Poltergust 3000 from Luigi’s Mansion

Portal gun signed by valve – One of the NECA 1:1 scale replica Portal Guns, signed by Valve staff

Original Nintendo Gameboy Fiberoptic Display Sign – Another gorgeous Nintendo fiber-optic sign, this time for the Game Boy

Super wild card 3.5″ rom dumper copier for super nintendo – One of the more famous cart dumpers/copiers for the SNES. Uses 3.5″ floppies, but a good buy for proto collectors who want to try their game but don’t want to put any wear on it

METAL GEAR SOLID 2 KONAMISTYLE MULTI TOOL – Ever find yourself branded and naked aboard a submersible base deep under the water in Manhattan Harbor? Sneak your way out with your official Metal Gear Solid 2 multitool!

Recently Ended:

PSX – Namco Museum Encore Limited Box Vol.1-6 – JAPAN JP – A fancy box set containing all installments of Namco Museum for the PS1. JP


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  1. I never knew there was a sixth Namco Museum for PS1. I spent years tracking down the five that were released in America. Of course by the time I found them all the PS1 was massively out of date and much better arcade compilations existed, but what matters is I crossed the finish line.

  2. Amazing that someone is trying to sell an old SNES copier that uses floppies for $100, when you can get a Retrode for $10 less.

  3. Why set a reserve price at all!? I hate that. Just start the auction at the lowest your willing to take. I’ve noticed that auctions with reserves often don’t get bid up as much which is probably the opposite of what the dumbass sellers are hoping for.

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