Sega Pico JAP Lot & Complete US Set

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You need to be a hardcore collector to want a Sega Pico.

Sega Pico was released in the US in 1994, and was discontinued in 1998. The system did well in Japan and wasn’t discontinued there until 2005. In the US 20 games were released, while Japan had nearly 300. The Pico was branded as a computer and sometimes as a toy Sega did it’s best for it not to be known as a video game console. This approach was taken in an effort avoid negative associations that were attached to video games. The Pico was suppose to be an educational product and the slogan for the console illustrates this mind, “The computer that thinks it’s a toy”. The system itself is a clamshell design which unfolds to hold the large book shaped carts that the system used and also act as the controller. The controller portion of the console had a very basic touchpad a “Magic Pen” and a large button which you used to play the games. The carts for this system are unlike any other system and were called Storyware. The carts act like books and have pages that open up and allow you to play different parts of the game.

It’s a console oddity from a major publisher, it was Sega’s last cart based system, and nothing else in your library will look like Pico games, they stand out. It’s and easy set to complete because their are only 20 games in the US and not many people collect for the system so they are cheap. The system also has 3 major Sega titles in it’s library and they are all exclusive to the Pico: Sonic the Hedgehog’s Gameworld, Tails and the Music Maker, and Ecco Jr. and the Great Ocean Treasure Hunt.

Sonic Gameworld was the last US release and is difficult to find with it’s box, Richard Scarry’s Huckle and Lowly’s Busiest Day Ever even though it was a pack-in it did have a boxed version, while the cart by itself is very common the boxed version doesn’t show up very often. Storyware Sampler, by far the rarest US title to find, good news is that it wasn’t a retail release and isn’t needed for the set.

Anyway, here is a good JAPANESE starter lot if you’re interested.

This auction has the complete US set for under $100.00.

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