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    Update From Link

    So, I ended up on hiatis again. I had a MRI scheduled to look for the exact cause of my pain and it turned to to be differnt than what they figured. I have an infection in my hip (SI Joint) which has turned into septic arthretis. Doc that did the MRI told me to […] More

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    Site Suggestion: Platformer Update

    Platformer Update is a neat little site that I was just introduced to. The name of the site pretty much explains it all, as they focus on news related to platform games.From their own about page: Platformer Update is a website dedicated in searching the web for all of the latest news on games pertaining […] More

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    New Videogame Auction Site

    ChaseTheChuckwagon is a new video game auction site which hopes to provide an alternative to eBay. While I have made my opinion on the success of such sites toppling eBay well know, CTCW is certainly off to a good start. Right now, it’s a decent way to pick some things up cheaper than you might […] More

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    The Only 9 Video Game Websites You’ll Ever Need

    What do your bookmarks look like? Well, if you’re anything like me, they’re anything but pretty. I’m one of those people who will bookmark any site that vaguely interest me –  without using categories or sub folders. It’s so bad, that every now and then I make a backup of all my bookmarks, throw them […] More

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    Free DVD From

    Porschepunk, a longtime and avid fan of gameSniped has offered to give a copy of the classic 80’s movie Joysticks away to one lucky gameSniped reader. Not familiar with the movie? IMDB has this to say: When a top local businessman and his two bumbling nephews try to shut down the town’s only video arcade, […] More

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    Free Wii & Microsoft Points

    First off, if you’re having trouble accessing the site today, my apologies. We got A LOT of incoming traffic today and it’s brought our server to a rather slow crawl at time. Anyways, I want to let you all know about a site I’ve been using lately to get free XBOX Live Points. It’s a […] More

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    Prizes For Gamers

    A friend referred me to PrizeMatch recently. It’s a pretty decent site, basically a gaming community with a chance to win free video games, cash, points, and other stuff. Plus the usual game site features; deals, game previews, forums and more. Apparently they award over $50,000 of prizes are awarded each month. Plus if you […] More

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    Golden Tee 2008

    Oh yes! I never realized it, but Golden Tee 2008 was just released last month. Yes, I know – it’s arcade Golf. But I love it none the less. Probably, because of thee simple reasons. First, I love playing at Golf. Second, I absolutely suck at GolfThird, I am absolutely awesome at video game Golf. […] More

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    Cheap PS3 Games

    I’ve been looking at a bunch of sites over the last three days for a decent place to get cheap PS3 Games. He’s getting a little bored with his library, which is not surprising given it is the PS3. Anyways, we won’t get into that right now. Point is I found a pretty decent site […] More

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    Getting Bored Of Games

    Ever just plain get bored of every game you’ve been playing? I’ve recently hit a funk like that. My 360 isn’t cutting it, I don’t feel like playing NES, and Flash arcade games put me to sleep. I hate it when this happens, as I usually end up watching way too much TV in my […] More

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    Online Stores

    I know we normally link to eBay auctions, and with reason. That’s where we usually find the rarest stuff. There are a lot of differnt resources around however for buying used video games from online retail stores. That that link for example, JJGames. Looking through their inventory I see they have copy of the SNES […] More

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