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  1. I’m missing 2 PAL releases here – Starwing Competition (sells around 200-400 euros) and Castlevania Vampire’s Kiss, which also had a limited production and sells around 120-250 euros.

  2. Hi, If anyone has the Donkey Kong Country Competition Cart PLEASE send me an email i would be interested in buying it if its in great condition and if anyone has the starfox weekend competition manual i would buy that as well. THANK YOUU!!!!

  3. I much is worth a 5 in 1 snes US cartrige
    -dragon ball z 3, super contra, loonie Toon b- ball, soccer games and cowboy games( Lone ranger)
    It almost impossible to find, looks like original Nintendo product but may be not.
    Sadly Its old and soccer and basket ball wont work. I found thé cartrige while i was in Mexico .

  4. I just seen that a box sold for 425 and I was wondering how much someone would pay for the game? Which I have and how much is killer instinct and Zelda link to the past selling for right now?

  5. Hi I have a snes console and games not in cases but good condition Super Chase H.Q,Donkey Kong Country 2,T2 Terminater 2,Sipder-man X-Men Revenge,Weapon lord,Super Soccer,Super Maria All Stars,Street Fighter2,Hot Wheels,Super gameboy cartridge can someone please give me a estimate on price please Bec Rebecca Matthews

  6. Hi,I have a super nintendo game doctor with loads of games on floppy disks. Was wondering g how much this would be worth? It is still boxed but has been used.

    • From a practical stance, SNES flash carts have made these items a bit redundant. However, for the right buyer (retro/nostalgia collector), you should be able to easily sell it around the $150 to $200 range. Possibly more. They’re getting pretty hard to find these days.

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