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The Price Of This BRAND NEW SUPER NINTENDO Will Shock You!

  • THE MOST Authentic looking SNES clone on the market at THE BEST Price
  • Compatible with NEARLY 100% of the ENTIRE SNES library.
  • Relive your childhood in all of its 90's soaked 16 bit glory at just $39.99!

Have an Entire Stack of SNES Carts and No Console To Play Them On?

So, one rainy day you decided to dig through those old game carts in your closet. You stumbled upon some incredible treasures. Oh, man! Super Mario RPG?? What a find. There's only one slight problem. You sold your Super Nintendo a long time ago. Naturally, you take to the internet to rectify this dilemma. However, if you hadn't noticed, the gaming market has changed since the early 90's.

“This Super Nintendo console is guaranteed to work with 98% of the entire catalog. Even better, it works with NTSC and PAL region carts!”

When purchasing a SNES, there are many options out there. Some may say too many. Do you take your chances with the original? Sure, it's guaranteed to work with all of your North American NTSC games. But, what about PAL and Japanese carts? Do you buy a brand new clone console? And which model for that matter??

We hope to make your choice easier with the 16-Bit Entertainment System. This Super Nintendo console is guaranteed to work with 98% of the entire catalog. Even better, it works with NTSC and PAL region carts! For a very limited time (and while supplies last), we're offering the console at a super low price! $39.99 (plus $12 for s/h)

By Choosing This Clone Super Nintendo, You Get the Following Benefits


The 16-Bit Entertainment System is compatible with almost ALL of the SNES library. This covers BOTH US AND Japanese NTSC carts!

Fun And Easy

What you see is what you get! The 16-Bit Entertainment System doesn't come with many bells and whistles. Simply plug in your SNES cart, turn it on, and have fun! Now you're playing with SUPER POWER!


Not only does it LOOK like the original SNES console. It also PLAYS much like the original SNES. Unlike many competitors, this clone uses unique hardware emulation instead of software emulation.

"Gamerz Tek has scratched the gaming nostalgia itch."

"This is a nice trip down memory lane..I am REALLY impressed by this machine...The audio really surprised me, as it was actually quite punchy. I have had a bit of experience with using several of the clone consoles that are out, and this one is DEFINITELY one of the best I have used."

- J.S. Scott

What This Super Nintendo Does For You:

Near 100% Compatibility

Do you purchase a Super Nintendo OR a Super Famicom for your SNES games? Should you buy one of each? Don't worry about it! The 16-Bit Entertainment System has nearly 100% compatibility with both the US AND Japanese region games. I've personally yet to find a game that doesn't function with my console. And, I've tried PLENTY of Super FX carts!

Authentic Look and Feel

No other console looks and feels like this SNES clone. It's simple. It's easy. It's fun. Just like the original SNES and retro gaming in general!

  • The 16-Bit Entertainment System comes complete with ALL the cables needed to get started-you supply the games!
  • Plug-and-play just like the original!
  • No other clone system looks as close to the original SNES

100% Compatible with HDTV and CRT

Rocking a new school LED television? No worries! Simply plug the component or S cable into the back of your TV, and you're good to go.

Maybe you want the authentic experience. Don't worry! Since the 16-Bit Entertainment System uses hardware emulation, you won't have to worry about digital connections like HDMI or composite. It's all old school here, baby!

"It Has Played Every Single Game I've Tried Perfectly."

"Since I bought mine over 6 months ago, I've yet to find a Super Nintendo game it won't play...All the classics like Zelda, Super Mario, Star Fox, Top Gear, Donkey Kong...It has played every single game I've tried perfectly."

- Kevin

"Just as I Remembered Minus the Nintendo Logo"

"Just as I remembered minus the Nintendo logo. A small sacrifice. I'm deeply satisfied."

- Joseph Edwards

All this retro goodness for: 

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