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NES VGA Graded Sealed Stadium Events

I’m traveling for the next couple days, and have already missed a few things.


Nintendo NES StAdiUM EvEnTs US NTSC VeRSiON VGA 75 NIB (As titled from the auction).

The puncuation speaks wonders. As does this gem (see bold):

This listing is for a complete, excellent+/near mint, sealed copy of the game and the only known copy to ever be sent to the Video Game Authority in Roswell, Georgia for official grading, verification and authentication. Once the game arrived safely, the professionals at VGA gently cleaned the item, verified it, graded it and sealed it in a professional quality acrylic case where it will remain for the rest of its life. Rest assured, the item you are bidding on has been verified and it has also achieved a “75” rating (silver tier). The other copies that exist today (only 2 sealed have surfaced since 1987) have never been officially verified as authentic copies!

A complete detailed grading report from the Video Game Authority explaining all flaws (oddly enough, the report says it graded an 85+!).

(Thanks nesjunkie!)


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