1980 Pink Pac-Man Vitamins

Mmmmmm… Thirty year old vitamins.


I dug pretty deep through video game merchandise over the past couple days. At one point, I’m pretty sure I broke 100 tabs open in Firefox. Came up with a lot of good stuff.

Resident Evil Code Veronica Metal Plate – Overpriced, but I’m curious how this promo item was used.
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction Jacket
1940’s Wrench Like The One From Bioshock
Vintage 8″ X 8″ Nintendo Super Mario All Stars Poster
Nintendo Mario Kart Double Dash T-Shirt Signed by the Voice of Mario, Charles Martinet
Vintage 1981 11″ Donkey Kong Coin Money Bank
Vintage 80s Electronic Boutique Video Game Store Men’s Shirt
Super Mario Bros. Tape Collection – Pepsi Twist prize from 2005
PS1 Cloth Banner – 24″ X 36″
1998 Nintendo Super Mario Game Boy Bubble Bath
Vintage 1993 Nintendo Super Mario World Kid’s Shirt – The trim makes this shirt UGLY, but I’m still tempted to buy it for my kid.
80s Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 3 Kids Tee
Atari Olympics Metal Pin
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Pin
God Of War 3 Kratos Mask
Large Nintendo Banner
Tekken 2 Marshall Law Plush – Tekken Plush? Cracked me up. Also Michelle Chang and Jun Kazama.
Sega Genesis Vectorman Poster
Pac-Man Drinking Glass
Original Atari Stock Certificates
1993 Sonic PVC Bank
1990 Super Mario Beach Ball
Metal Mario Lapel Pin
Metal Peach Lapel Pin
NOS Pac-Man Money Muncher Bank
New N64 Alarm Clock Radio
1989 NINTENDO Super Mario Bros. Children’s Suspenders – In RED or BLUE
1998 Hotel LodgeNet Nintendo Super Mario Display Marquee
Nice Cheap Pac-Man Lot – $30 (I`ve sold the three plushies in the lot for $15.00 each.)
Starcraft Comics 1-6 – I did not know these existed.
Nice 3D Sega Sign – Unlicensed, seller also had a Nintendo one.

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