1990 NWC Nintendo World Championship 1st place Gold Trophy

Alright, can we all agree not to go full insanity in the comments over the price? Yes? Maybe? Please? Anyways, in my opinion this is truly awesome, horrifying ugly and grossly overpriced.

Let’s let the seller speak for himself:

The NWC (Nintendo World Championship) contest stands easily as the largest video game contest in history, filling the largest convention halls in cities from coast to coast. It went on for 9 long months traveling the country before culminating at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. At the finals the grand prize was a car, a TV, a savings bond, and the golden Mario statue itself. The various Nintendo World Championship memorabilia has attracted a lot of attention over the years, continually becoming more sought after as the pinnacle not just of NES collecting, but in the entire game collecting and media communities.

The gold Mario itself is the rarest and highest-profile of the NWC collectibles. There were a little over two dozen Gold NWC carts given away through the random Nintendo Power drawing. Perhaps half of the NWC grey carts, of which 90 were given away, have surfaced over the years. Of the Mario statues, there are three second-place silver ones for the runner-ups in three age categories, and three gold, one for each of the three age categories. I won the final run-off with the 11-and-under and 18-and-up winners and can hold the 12-17 gold overall trophy as the highest award in any organized game contest. None of the other Mario trophies have surfaced, and the grand prize trophy itself is definitely one of a kind.

Now I agree that the trophy is most likely rarer than a gold NWC. However, merchandise and games aren’t in the same category. Would any reader here prefer the trophy over the game? I’m sure some people would, but not most. The merchandise world has a lot of hard core collectors out there, but I highly doubt this could ever fetch the same price a gold NWC does.

The auction also includes a NWC controller.

The number 1 controller was actually used in the touring NWC and a few have surfaced over the years. The majority have been the “number 2” version. This number 1, is only the second one I have seen. The grade is silver, but that is understandable since these gems were used by thousands of kids in 30 cities.

Again, just ignore the VGA aspect. Think of it as a nice display case that sadly, lends credibility where none should be lent.

Lastly, let’s be honest here. It was listed at something like $95,000 first, and then bumped up to the current asking price (or best offer). I don’t think his intention here is to sell it at all, but to hope some mainstream sites pick it up which then draw some associated press to the Ecstasy of Order documentary that he is involved in. Nothing wrong with that.

Auction Here


Lots of nice stuff today, some I hope to do a full feature on this week.

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Metal Gear Solid New Sealed H-seam Nintendo Game Boy Color
Nintendo Wii Kiosk 25th Anniversary Red System – $100 ain’t bad, but I have to say: Modern kiosks are boring.
Gameboy Color POKEMON CENTER Limited Edition Console
Nintendo Game Boy Cartridge Mega Man IV – I worry one day Game Boy is going to outprice the NES.
Super Famicom (with Carrying Case)
Japanese Nintendo 64 with carrying case
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Bros Telephone – Never realized the buttons on these were stars till now.
FALLOUT 3 – Hand Painted Canvas
N64 Nintendo 64: Official Nintendo Power 100 Gold Controller
PaRappa The Rapper 2 “PaRappa” promo gold necklace
Super Mario Bros. Waterproof Alarm Clock & Radio
Captain Novolin Complete w/ Doctors Loaner Sleeve
CommaVid MagiCard (Atari 2600) Video Game Complete. Holy Ultra Rare. Rarity R10
Sega DreamCast Watch
Super Mario 3 Walkie Talkies
Music Machine (Atari 2600)
Nice SNES Lot – If someone manges to pick this up at a price which can justify reselling, I will be amazed.
Super Turrican 2 – JAP NSTSC-J Super Famicom


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