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1990 NWC Nintendo World Championships Gold Competition Cart – VGA GRADED 85

Read the title of this post. Look at that picture. Do it again. Ready? Alright, here we go.

This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen in the entire time I have been involved with collecting.

Lets not turn this into a VGA sucks thing, ok? gameSniped has a lot of ani VGA readers and any major Slabbed game seems to get a very vocal amount of hate by default. But let`s not go there.

My primary issue here, is that this looks like crap. Seriously, it looks stupid.

Secondly, why?

A NWC Gold has a very high price tag. Not eveyone who owns one is going to be willing to actually throw it (gently) into a system. Although I know a fair number collectors who do. So, Ill ingore the fact you can`t play it.

I`m also going to ignore how the EPROMs are exposed. I know Bitrot is often overemphasized and it is more of a Boogeyman than an instant threat. Although for a game this valuable, why take the risk?

Hell, I will even ignore the fact that it`s a graded game with no basis for a grade. No comparison point and graded by people who have never had one pass through their hands before.

What I`m not going to ignore is the fact this display straight up ugly.

Auction Here – $27,000 (No Bidders… Yet)


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