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NES Auctions

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have around 200 auctions ending today. Mostly boxed and complete NES games from my once nearly complete collection.

Anyways, since they’ll be ending tonight, I would showcase a few of the nicer things available.

Sealed NES Games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 – I think I actually paid around $60 for this one, so it’s pretty cheap at the moment.
Robodemons – It’s pretty hard to find sealed Color Dream games, especially in such nice condition.

There’s also a bunch of other sealed games available including a lot of unlicensed titles. Bee 52, Alien Syndrome, Twin Cobra, Star Soldier and more.

NES Sachen Games

I really regret not picking up a complete Sachen set when I had the chance. I can’t remember the exact price I could have got, but it was definitely dirt cheap considering most Sachen games usually sell for $80.00 – $120.00 lately, or maybe $60.00 if you’re lucky.

Mine are sitting extremely cheap right now, with two under $15, and one at $30.

Q Boy
Penguin & Seal

NES Non US Exclusives

Banana Prince – I think I payed around $100 for this game, and was happy enough to do so. I had been wanting this Scandinavian (I believe) exclusive for some time, and grabbing a complete copy was a dream come true. These don’t pop up very often.
The Smurfs – I was amazing when I got this German Exclusive in the mail. This baby is utterly mint. The insides are absolutely stunning, and the box is minty as well.
Maxi 15
Sidewinder HES – These boxed HES games are awesome because of the HUGE plastic clamshell cases they come in. They look really awesome on a shelf.
Othello HES – Same as above.

General Cool Stuff

I’ve also got some nifty stuff that is semi rare, like a complete Contra Force and a loose Operation Secret Storm (The only NES game to feature Sadam!).

I also have a nice Famiclone, one which I haven’t seen on eBay since I bought it.

There’s lots of other stuff available, so please bid if there’s anything you’re interested in. It’ll help support the site! =)


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  1. Don’t mean to spoil anyone’s ideals here. But, sealed games are really worth it if you consider the end result. Go to

    It seems that sealed games are only of value to collector’s. And collector’s collections only eventually go to museums, hence “The Adams Collections of Ancient Roman Coins.” Those museums must open sealed games to catalogue their contents. Yeah, sealed games are worth more, but that’s only because people think they’re worth more. Not really.

  2. Another knock against sealed/shrinked games is that shrinkwrap was not meant to be a long term storage solution. Over time, chemicals from the plastic can cause acid decomposition of paper, cardboard and glues. Plus, shrinkwrap continues to shrink once it has served it’s purpose. A few decades later and it’ll crumble if you look at it funny.

    One thing the game collecting community hasn’t fully explored are non-degradable long term storage solutions like those of comic book and sport card collecting. I have no doubt we’ll see things like mylar sleeves/boxes for games eventually. Perhaps the hobby is still too young for this.

    Funny Shrinkwrap Story — I ran into a fellow collector online who only wanted new shrinkwrapped SMS cartridges, nothing else and nothng less. He wasn’t even interested in loose or unshrinked rare stuff. I eventually asked him why he had this fetish (so to speak) for shrinked games.

    His answer: He wanted the thrill of opening a game for the first time *and* being able to sniff trapped air from 1988 and get a ‘high’ from it. LOL!

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him that shrinkwrap ‘breathes’. The only air trapped in there is from the here and now 🙂

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