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Complete US Dreamcast Collection

Yup, another Complete Dreamcast collection, totaling 248 games. Includes some nice promo items as well.

Not a bad price at $845 with 15 hours to go. It`s a great way to start an instant collection.

Complete Dreamcast Collection

Side Note: Does anyone know of someone trying for a complete NON US collection? Seems to me the DC would be one of, if not THE, hardest system to pull this off. I`d love to showcase someone who is insane enough to try.


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  1. I’m a Sega Saturn and Dreamcast collector, so far i got:

    US Saturn games: 100% complete collection
    PAL Saturn games: 100% compete collection
    JAP Saturn games: Only 60-70 games remain to complete the collection

    US Dreamcast games: 100% complete collection
    PAL Dreamcast games: 100% compete collection
    JAP Dreamcast games: Only 8 games remain to complete the collection

    the games collection include the all regular and limited edition released for both systems + the re-release. also i have a complete collection for all the Saturn and Dreamcast consoles.

  2. I’m closing in on the US collection, and aim for a Japanese one next. A Japanese collection is tough only if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, you can take advantage of that because a lot of games go cheaper than their true value on ebay. At less than 700 releases, its way easier than a famicom collection. The only setback would be the high price for the LE and box set versions of games.

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