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Custom Nintendo Wii Metroid System Mod

I held off on Blogging about this one because just about every site under the sun has already featured it.

Anyways, from the creator of the custom God Of War PSP, we have this snazzy custom Metriod Nintendo Wii.

Quite the beauty with an amazing custom paint job, CNC cut case modifications and tons of other neat features.

Nintendo Wii Metriod System Mod
Nintendo Wii Metriod System Mod 2


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  1. I am almost the biggest fan of metroid and this wii is the most coolest thing i ever saw. Nintendo has no idea who i am but i hope someday i could work there. I even made my own about 2 almost complete story modes that includes new items hidden stuff new type of pirates even ship designs and bosses and the maps(all drawn on paper). My favorite that i should keep secret is that in one of thd games i made (on paper) is that there are more dragons that i guess came from ridleys planet. Also there this might sound dumb but the morph ball has a grapple beam. Im telling this becuz these things arent that important i thought of for metroid games.

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