Ugly Ass Custom Halo Master Chief Helmet

I can understand that a lot of work did go into this. Still, it just looks plain bad to me for some reason. Despite that, this custom Halo Master Chief is going for almost $300 with around four hours to go.

Custom Halo 3 Helmet Custom Halo 3 Helmet 2


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  1. Well, quality dirt bike helmets are expensive as is. $300 isn’t much of a stretch from normal prices, plus, poorly made or not, Halo is the biggest profit from a game franchise ever. People are bound to like even crappy reminders of the game. :/

  2. its pure just the helmet from the legendary pack, only with a dodgy paint job, its tiny like unless its for kids

  3. I’ll give your stupid ass $5 bucks, a pack of hubba bubba and a slap in the mouth for this helmet. I know a retarded kid down the street who needs a helmet when he rides the little bus.

  4. hey guy , I need one with full vision .Highway management but I think is a litle bit expensive , you know , we can make a deal, and , if it has thefull vision if it doenst has , I dont need it

  5. It would look better if the paint wasn’t metallic, and if the stripe wasn’t gold.

    I’m going to do mine similar to that, but with a Silver (or default gold) visor (full, of course), matte blue paint, and semi-gloss clear coat with a white or grey stripe.

    I already have the flashlight installed on both sides using the same circuit.

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