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Homemade Toad / One Up Mario Sweater

Not actually an auction, but I was taking a few pictures of my son while I was out planting a tree today. This is a homemade sweater he got last Christmas (before he was even born) from one of his Mom’s fiends.

Custom knitted Nintendo sweaters?  Definitely a good business opportunity there.


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  1. Nicola, that is too cute! My son is 2 years old now, with another one on the way, and my wife made an awesome Super Mario Bros. crib set! I keep meaning to post pics on DP. Glad to see I’m not the only one forcing video games on my kids!

  2. Thanks suckerpunch5!

    Nick… I dunno… This one particular friend I definitely think I could call a fiend.

    I think something like this could be a worthwhile venture for someone into knitting. See the Katamari knitted hat last year? That thing went for well over $100.

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