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Nintendo 64 World Class Service Repair Parts

Nintendo 64 N64 Repair PartsNeed to repair some consoles? There’s nothing better than some original parts from an authorized Nintendo repair center. All the parts are brand new never used from the factory.  Most of the parts are in the original baggies with the product ID on them.  Others are in the retail bags that were sold in the retail store fronts.

Parts range from power & reset buttons, to consoles lids/bottoms, stablizing legs, new decals, and lots of other stuff as well. 


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  1. I had a question about my N64. I took WWF No Mercy and tried to put in Tony Hawk and nothing happens the WWF still plays. and now the WWF won’t work that great can you tell me what the problem could be?

  2. when i turn my nintendo 64 on the red light will come on and then go off. i can,t get it to play. what,s the problem. please help thanks gerald

  3. The power light comes on when I turn the system on, but i am not receiving video. I used brand new cords and made sure they were hooked up right. Can you help?

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