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Weird NES Cartridge – Samurai

Very weird cart here. Given the look of the plastic of the casing, I’d say pirate more likely than repro.

nes samurai cartridge

Thanks to NESMASTER for submitting this one.


Upon further examination (mainly due to a few comments) it seems that this is a repro. Still, i thank the casing makes it look like a repo, but evidence indicates other words. This is part of the gift/curse effect of the NES hombrew scene. It allows us to get our hands on games that would otherwise be impossible to own, such as Earthbound 0. However it does make collecting somewhat more confusing.

Still, definitely worth it however.


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  1. No, this was the Nintendo’s tie up with a company called Samurai to sell the NES in India, which had at that point of time closed the doors for outside companies. I am from India, I have 2 NES, both writted Samurai on it, no sign of nintendo. However, when I opened the box, it was a original nintendo board, it could easily be figured out due to the quality and matching with the online photos on NES innards. So, essentially, NES carts were also ‘branded’ as Samurai and sold here. This isnt an illegal or a pirated cart, it was official Nintendo Merchandise in India!

  2. Infact if you google “wii samurai” you would find that again, in India, wii is being distributed by samurai, this time however, they wont be branding the wii, heh.

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