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Countdown To Christmas Contest Day #4

Today we have a prize pack which includes:

A Video Game Collector #8 and VGC #1/2 from Video Game Collector Magazine.

Users choice of a Video Game Sprite T-Shirt and Mousepad from eBay seller RetroRalphs

Super Nintendo Super 8 from myself (sorry I don’t have a pic, but this thing is awesome).

Sega Saturn Modchips from Robb Webb’s online store.

As well as a bonus random prize of an Extreme Flash Advance 256Mbit LC, GBA flash cartridges from

How To Win

Ok, I admit this one is pretty brutal. It can be won easily enough, but is going to take quite a bit of work. Once you realize a few things, it will get easier though. If someone wins this quickly, I’m going to be very impressed.

Even worse, under no circumstances am I giving out any hints unless this goes for over 24 hours.

Identify all ten games.


First correct answer via comments wins. Once again, you NEED to be registered to win. That’s the only way I can confirm your the person who posted and make sure you get your prize. Go here to register.


Post as many times as you like to chat, but only once for your guess.

Side note: Hotmail users are having trouble getting their registration messages. Contact me directly if you cant so I can reset your password and send it to you. And once again, I’m going to give out the second prize to a random registered person tomorrow morning. Only one entry per person.


If you’ve won a previous prize, you’re ALLOWED to enter any subsequent daily contest. However, you can only receive one prize pack. The other goes back up for grabs. Say for example you win day two and day five. If you like day five better, you can take that instead, but the day one prize will be awarded to someone else. Apologies for the changes, but it’s in the interest of fairness.


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  1. I have… 1! And only because we talked about it for like 15 minutes day 2, lol.

    Good luck to everybody! This is gonna be a loooong night!

  2. homg. congrats to whoever gonna get this one. Some of the pictures are kinda hard to see tho, like 2 and 10. I mean unless you have that game in your mind at the moment you look at it, its gonna be hard.

  3. Yeah, larger pictures would be nice, especially the last one, but, I have all night. Let’s see now many box art covers I can see in… 4 hours? Yeah, if I can’t get 5 in four hours, I’ll call it a night, lol

  4. Wow! Thanks to a friend I know #1 [never woulda figured it out], I have a good idea of #2… 6 is wow if I’m right.. 7 is hard to pinpoint which one in the series.. 8 is wheely easy… 9… dear god you’re evil alone for that one.. and 10… who took a crap on a box and called it art?

  5. lol yea 10 looks like a toughie. been coming back to these picture all night thinking if somethigns going to come to me. I think i got 3,6,7. But the others, my god…..

  6. Ok, I worked with a guy who owns every single one of these games, and we were only able to get 7 of them. The 10th one is impossible, there is no possible way to determine which game that is.

  7. Wow, I’m glad I won yesterday because this is lear impossible…I can’t even make out what #10 is??? Good luck everyone….you’re going to need it :/

  8. Okay, I think I’ve got this. *deep breath* Here goes…

    1) Chrono Cross
    2) Destruction Derby
    3) Bob the Builder – Can We Fix It?
    4) Bushido Blade
    5) Cool Boarders 2001
    6) Family Feud
    7) Power Rangers Zeo Full Tilt Pinball
    8) 2 Xtreme
    9) 3 Xtreme
    10) Barbie Race and Ride

    All from covers of PlayStation games.

  9. Looks like you’ve got them. I figured the PSX link out real early, just my eyes started to bleed after searching through all of the covers.

  10. Its a bit deceptive depending on the kind of monitor your looking at. On the CRT I have at work the 10th one just looked like a dark brown box with a black smear on it, but now I’m back using a TFT I can make out the eye and the straps easily.

    Well done Lyndis! I would never have got all of those.

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