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Countdown To Christmas Contest Day 6 & 7

Alright everyone, sorry for my little disappearing act. The weather around these parts caused some power and internet outages which left me high and dry (and cold) for quite some time.

So here`s where we stand; the day six contest was missed. So were combing the prizes for a massive day seven giveaway!

Here`s what we have for prizes:

Three Extreme Flash Advance 256Mbit LC, GBA flash cartridges from

Two Sega Saturn Modchips from Robb Webb’s online store.

Two winners choice of a Video Game Sprite T-Shirt and Mousepad from eBay seller RetroRalphs

Two copies of Feet Of Fury for the Dreamcast, an Earthworm Jim exclusive mail away action figure and a 9 inch Donkey Kong Plush from the GoatStore

Copy of Earthbound 0 and Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese Edition from NESREPRODUCTIONS.COM
earthbound 0super mario 2 jap

Two NES or SNES Wii RetroPorts (Winner’s Choice) from the RetroZone at

Sealed copy of Pirates! Gold for the Sega Genesis from our very own Nicola

Copies Video Game Collector #8 and VGC #1/2, Gurumin for the PSP and a complete run of issue of Video Game Collector from Video Game Collector Magazine.

As well as a brand SPANKING NEW PRIZE!

A Game Boy Test cartridge from Limbofunk of Limbofunk has put together a HUGE resource of information related to the Nintendo Authorized Repair Center Program. Definitely the biggest resource of it`s kind. Check out the site for more info, and sign the guestbook if you have a chance! Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

So How Do I Win…

Today`s contest is either the easiest, or the hardest. All you need to do is find an interesting auction, and post a link to it in the comments. Include a description in the title so we know what it is before we click through.

The top ten (or top five, depending on submissions) most interesting and gameSniped worthy auctions (as choosen by Nicola and myself) will be put into a vote on Tuesday morning. The winner, will be the one with the most votes, as chosen by you, our readers.

The winner gets a GRAND prize pack, consisting of one of everything with more than one above, as well as your choice between some of the cooler items. Anyone who hits the top ten or five, will get something however. Knowing Nicola as well, he`ll probably end up giving prizes out during the duration in the comments. I`ll see if I can round something up for the same purpose as well.


Once again, you NEED to be registered to win. That’s the only way I can confirm your the person who posted and make sure you get your prize. Go here to register.

Post as many times as you like to chat, and post as many auctions you find and want to enter.

Side note: Hotmail users are having trouble getting their registration messages. Contact me directly if you cant so I can reset your password and send it to you.


If you’ve won a previous prize, you’re ALLOWED to enter this contest. However, you can only receive one prize pack. The other goes back up for grabs. Say for example you win day two and the grand prize. If you like final one better you can take that instead, but the day one prize will be awarded to someone else. Apologies for the changes, but it’s in the interest of fairness.

In the situation someone posts the same auction, first posted takes precedence.
Auctions must be live (not ended) at the time you post, but can end before the contest ends.

Contest closing tomorrow (Monday) night so Nicola and I can choose the top ten or five. Poll will go up the following morning and stay up for two days – enough time for you to spam all your friends and get them to vote for you.

Good luck!


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  1. I’ve found the perfect gift for your Zelda loving childrens! When school starts back up after winter break, your childrens will be ready! Starting with this backpack and raincoat combo! Never again will your childrens run outside without their raincoat! It’s built inside! Groovy!

    LEGEND OF ZELDA: Child Backpack + Raincoat in ONE!

    Next, we have… a Zelda lunch box! But, I assure you, there’s more! Not only do you get this lovely lunch box, you also get some game cases, headphones, screen protectors and a car adapter! Still at the low, low price of $11! (No, seriously, it’s at $11 right now, go get it!)

    NEW Nintendo DS Lunch Box Starter Kit Accessories ZELDA

    Congrats! You won the lunch box with included car adapter! Now, I’d have to assume you have a car… right? Don’t you hate it when your coworker/neighbor/roommate/spouse parks their car in your spot! You don’t need to worry any longer! Continuing with the Zelda theme, we have a Ganondorf parking only sign! “Violators will feel the wrath of evil”! Mwhahahahahahaha!!!

    Ganondorf Legend Of Zelda Novelty Sign

  2. Alright, one last gung-ho attempt from me! This time Halo style!

    Now, if your anything like me (which you shouldn’t be… seriously…) then in you’ve been moving all your Nintendo trinkets out of the way for some Halo power! Actions figures, however, just don’t seem to get the *POW* I’m looking for in my collection. If you enjoyed my Street Fighter Dragon Punch Drink, then my friend, these auctions are for you.

    Featuring, not 1… not 2… but 3 Mountain Dew Game Fuel Drinks! Now you can display Master Chief in his full, extra arm’ed-looking glory! (And the nutrition information so your admiriers don’t drink your precious memoriabila!)


    Or, if the tempation is too great to drink the Mountain Dew (which it should be) then we can go empty for you too! If you were too cheap to go to Burger King and buy the cups yourself, you can buy them on ebay! In this auction, you’ll recieve 5 cups, 3 french fry cardboard things (do those have a name?) and 3 paper bags to hold your loot! The best part? No grease! (Unless you deem that the best part, in which I’ll show you to their back parking lot…)

    5 Burger King Cups HALO 3 Believe 09 25 07+Fries Halo+&

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