Unreleased protos: Sonic Crackers Genesis, Toon Panic N64! And a side contest!

First let me promote my auctions! Beware: the reserve is set to sell. Don’t get afraid and BID!

The first item is something you don’t see too frequently.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me sell you the most known unreleased Sonic game for the 16-bit generation!

Sonic Crackers Genesis PROTO Unreleased

I may talk about this proto, how I got it, how rare it is, the story behind the lost Sonic game…but I prefere to point out how dirty is the Mega Drive I’ve used. It wasn’t mine: I’ve bought it from a friend some years ago, it had a Radio Deejay (italian radio station)Â sticker in the front and a 50/60 mod. I’m always using it. I find it tasty, rusty, ready to fight. RGB out and Sonic Crackers prototype in!

The second item is, maybe, even rarer and unknown! A N64 unreleased proto, only one cart known, undumped!

Toon Panic N64 proto Unreleased

Again, I choose to use a dirty console. And what about the gaming room!
PS I wonder why this proto has Final Fantasy characters in the character selection menu!!!!

In both auctions you will notice a greeting card branded Gamesniped. It has been done by MADrigal, from the CreativEmu Team, producers of the CreatiVision cart. Well, this greeting card is part of a cool surprise we have prepared for this Xmas. Stay tuned, you will soon see a real charity auction! Not like mine, with just 10% to charity!

Oh, and I’ve put up for sale a The Jetsons SNES proto too.

Quickly the other items:
Super Mario Bros YM-901-S NEW
1993 Gameboy wrist watch Promo item
Xbox 360 Elite Console Signed By Mass Effect Developers

And now…the Sub-Contest!

Just register yourslef (if you didn’t do it already) and post the reply as a comment to this article. Post just once or you will be disqualified for this Sub-Contest. This Sub-Contest is not related to the main daily contest!

BEWARE! POST TWICE OR MORE AND YOU’RE OUT! Just one post, no comments!!! If you write a reply, then later on you write something else, or another reply, you’re disqualified!

Ok, here you have a screenshot.


Some games are hidden in this screenshot as graphic items.
How many? Less than 10, more than 2.


Find them all and win an ASTERIX Game Boy Prototype from my personal collection!!!


Let the game begin!!!


Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Bonanza Bros (Main)
    Strider (Strider!)
    Columns (Gems in Upper Right)
    Metal Slug (Random grenades)
    Lemmings? (Owl on cliff thing)
    R-Type (Status bar at bottom)

  2. 5 not counting the main screenshot since it isn’t really hidden. Or 6 since there are two sets of grenades, maybe from two different versions of Metal Slug.

  3. HEY!!!!! You have to guess the games, not the number of games!!!!!
    and stop posting numbers, you should all be disqualified!!!

    Anyway the only one who’s out now is Portnoyd: wrong answer, but you’ve been VERY good!!!!


  4. Ok since I’m out of the running, I can post! Or am I, as I think I’m the first one to be the closest if no one gets it? 😉

    I figured it was name the games but I saw everyone post and was like “If that’s just it, I hope Nicola says ‘close enough’!”. 🙂

  5. Here’s solution 🙂

    Bonanza Bros (main stage)
    Metal Slug (grenade)
    Columns (top-right)
    R-Type (beam bar)
    Strider (main char)
    CREATURES (C64.. the “own” is Clyde Radcliffe!)

  6. ..again congratulations to Portnoyd. He has been impressive also if he made a mistake. The Metal Slug grenade isn’t that easy to recognize!

  7. Thanks, actually I noticed all games immediately, I just didn’t notice the R-Type bar at first sight… but it took me a minute to find it

    I’m an expert videogame fanatic, and:

    – Columns I know VERY well because I recently was paid to design a similar game for a big toys company.

    – Strider and R-Type are two among my favourite Arcade games (R-Type specially – I love it!)

    – CREATURES (Clyde Radcliffe Exterminates All The Unfriendly Repulsive Earth-Ridden Slime) is one of the BEST videogames ever appeared on C64!

    – The Metal Slug grenade… well it’s the first thing I noticed… even before recollecting the name of “Bonanza Bros.” 🙂

  8. You guys should post a listing of who’s won what.

    I’d like to see the winners (oh and hopefully my name will be on it soon as well!)

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