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Countdown To Christmas Day 6 & 7 Finalists

Alright, here we have the first batch of finalists. The second batch and the voting will go up later today. The voting is going to extend until Friday once it goes live.

Once again, there were some amazing entries. thanks to everyone who participated.

1. Yoshi’s Story International Version Demo Cart

yoshis story international version n64 nintendo 64

Sold for $82.77

Apparently, this Nintendo 64 cart was rumoured to be in existence for N64 collectors, but had yet to be confirmed. One collectors just vaguely remembered seeing one during the N64 heyday in Japan. Oddly, it’s U.S. release game according to the serial code (NUS-USA/CAN-1), but the text is all in Japanese.

Submitted By: Michael P Dougherty II

Sidenote: Michael, you’re a great writer. Interested in some guest posts sometime?

2. Rare Game Boy Console Collection

I’m not a Game Boy collector, but I do recognize that there are a TON of system variants and special releases out there. This auction pulled together a bunch of the rarer, and Japan only exclusives.

It included:

Game Boy Pocket Famitsu Edition – Only sold with a magazine of the same name.Game Boy Pocket Famitsu Edition

Game Boy Pocket Imagineer – Never sold at retail, only given out as a gift at a presentation of an N64 game. Only 2000 produced.
Game Boy Pocket Imagineer

Game Boy Light Pokemon Center Toyko Exclusive – Breifly sold in one Toykp store for the Pokemon store grand opening.
Game Boy Light Pokemon Center Toyko Exclusive 

Game Boy Advance SP Star Light Gold Edition – Toys R Us Exclusive.Game Boy Advance SP Star Light Gold Edition

Game Boy Advance SP Final Fantasy Tactics Pearl White – Only available as a bundle with the game.
Game Boy Advance SP Final Fantasy Tactics Pearl White

Game Boy Light Osamu Tezuka Limed Astro Boy Special – Only sold at Osmau Tezuka World Store i n Tokyo.
Game Boy Light Osamu Tezuka Limed Astro Boy Special

Game Boy Light Osamu Tezuka – Similar to the above, only sold at the opening for a limited time period.
Game Boy Light Osamu Tezuka

Game Boy Advance SP 20th Anniversary Famicom Edition – Apparently only 1000 of these were made and were given away in a contest.
Game Boy Advance SP 20th Anniversary Famicom Edition

Sold for $463.49

Submitted by: jcalder8

3. Grand Theft Auto III (PS2) Signed By Jack Thompson

grand theft auto III jack thompson

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Jack Thompson. If so, than you know the irony that this auction presents. Personally signed at this year’s VGXPO in Philadelphia where Mr. Thompson participated in an open panel debate about violence in video games. Also, 100% of the sale will go to the Child’s play charity.

Now, I have to credit skcin7 for listing this auction, specifically to enter this contest. That wasn’t forbid in the rules, so I applaud his ingenuity. However, couldn’t you have at least thrown us a link in the auction?


BIN: $4,000.00

Submitted By: skcin7

Sidenote: I just read that Wikipedia Entry on Jack – Wow… just wow.

4. Inflatable Game Station

iflatable game station 1
inflatable game station 2 inflatable game station 3

11x17x10 inflatable station, with ultra comfy inflatable chairs, XBOX 360, 84″ adjustable screen and 7.1 surround sound speakers. Wow.

This baby could no doubt pay for itself if you set it up at a fair/carnival/festival.

One bid at $2,000 with one day to go.

Submitted By: porschepunk

5. Nintendo 64 Millennium Controller

Nintendo 64 Millennium Controller

This controller was offered in a Nintendo Power contest, and limited to 1000 units produced. Never available for sale, they were only available to winners of a random drawing. Even better, this is #1 of 1000! Seller states that this is the second one they have ever seen sold, and most are still unaccounted for by collectors.

BIN $199.99

Submitted By: ultima_games


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  1. Thanks for the compliment Link! Yea I read your site multiple times a day and I rarely see the need to put my 2 cents in, but this contest seemed to be a good time to vent my Ebay searching woes.

    Being in Medical Grad School makes it hard to do stuff like this sometimes; especially since I already write for another site [for DVDs though]. But I would definitely be interested in being a guest writer on your fantastic site that is fun and dedicated to something I love; hookers….ummm….I mean video games.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting,
    Michael P Dougherty II

    PS-I vote for myself!

  2. Re GTA3: Umm… I know it wasn’t against the rules, but that still seems a bit like cheating to me, especially since he doesn’t actually want to sell it. Might as well have everyone throw up an auction of the craziest thing from their collection and submit that, eh?

    Oh well. Good luck to all the finalists.

  3. Can I vote for my own auction? If so, I’d like to vote for the Grand Theft Auto III signed by Thompson.

    I added a link to Gamesniped in the auction.

  4. The voting won’t start until after all the auctions have been listed I would think, also I think it’s totally unfair to get to list your own auction for the contest, I know it sounds like sour grapes since I’m also listed here but I searched for it and I could have just made up a listing that would have gotten me on the list with a BIN price so high I would never have needed to pay up.

  5. jcalder8, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! But I guess since Link already chose it, it’s not going to make a difference now.

  6. I v ote for the gameboys auction. It’s a pity they sold such low, IMHO the auction deserved to end at well over US$1000 – I would get all those items myself if I saw that auction first!

  7. How are we supposed to vote if we only have half of the auctions, and the contest end today? Where’s Link? Maybe they lost power again…

  8. Yeah, I was just thinking that… They must be having some crazy weather over there (or some very unreliable utility service). Hope you come back soon Link!

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