Airball NES proto, Genesis DEV system

Sega Genesis Mega Drive CD Cross Products Dev System

For sure one of the coolest DEV kit around.

AIRBALL nes prototype

Alienstatic is selling various great items, like Japanese Atari 2800 unfolded gameboxes, Cosmos hologram, Kid vid game etc. Check them!

Other stuff:
Nintendo DS Original Signed Miyamoto CRACKED SCREEN-better than a signed piece of paper…
Call of Duty 4’s team Signed Xbox 360
Super Mario Brothers Display Cardboard

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. A flying and talking carrot came in my room telling me that I had immediately to dig a hole in my basement under the PSP kiosk.

    There I found a strange compass.

    I’ve followed the direction shown by the compass until a big mountain appeared in front of me.

    The sky was filled with colors and sounds.
    Birds were sliding trough three enormous violet bubbles and a child was drawing an unlimited line.

    There I saw the mountain growing. Up and up, while the sky was blown away by an inverted rain of yellow pacifiers and red clysters.

    Suddenly a dwarf with two heads came and said: “Item number: 320203447708!!!”

    That’s how I usually find the items I post.

  2. I can vouch for Nicola that this is the way he finds most of his auctions. I’ve seen this happen a number of times via my crystal ball.

  3. Hehe, if you sell this for that much thats one hell of a profit you’ve made on it. (saw your thread on Assembler)

    It is a very nice item, I wish I could afford it.

  4. That Airball seems fairly fake. Label doesn’t match previous copies, repro is out in the open and he doesnt have pics of the board. Lovely feedback and username. I would offer no more than $20.

  5. skcin7, if you find an interesting auction, you can write it in the comments to the daily search or send Link a mail trough “About GameSniped” page. If it’s worth it, it will be featured and you will be credited as finder.

    As for the Airball, fake or not, it’s a dumped cart.

  6. I think fraud is a better term than fake for Airball. The photos are exact matches to the ones in the database. The title screen photo has the novotrade name, which means it is not a photo of the dumped repro cart. With how fast the buy it now price is sliding down, he is definitely looking for someone to buy without researching.

  7. Heh, it’s funny to see one of those old Megadrive dev kits again. My Dad used to work for Cross Products, they had all sorts of weird Frankenstein systems like that in their offices.

  8. Armandino, don’t talk this way. It’s not funny. It’s an experience.
    Every time it happens, my mind is doubled and the wheight reduced by half.
    When I tell about this to someone other, he will suddenly become myself handling a drunken squirrel downhill in their garden. And they will come, all dressed in black, PR shoes and a big straw hat He’s never early, he’s always late first thing you learn is that you always gotta wait…wait, this is not my experience! It’s Lou Reed’s song!

  9. I gave no permission to anyone to use my airball picture so i suggest you remove it immediately or further action will be taken.

  10. Mr Parker, the label on the airball at nintendoage is differnt from mine if you take a good look at it mr game specialist. and you Mr portnoyd, if you take a good look, all 3 of the airball labels look different so i guess they are all fake then right ? i have other prototypes that have no labels on them, the names are written directly onto the cartridge with a marker and some have hand written labels. too bad if you don’t like my ebay name, i don’t care much for yours either, when you first started on ebay there was a time that you had only 4 feedbacks as well right ? some people just make me plain old sick and you are one of them. WHO EVER OWNS THIS SITE, THAT AIRBALL PICTURE BELONGS TO ME AND YOU BETTER REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY.

  11. First, I suggest you to prove that the proto is real. I’m not responsible if the readers (a few thousands) believe that it’s fake.
    Prove that it’s real and be happy for the extra advertising you’re getting.

    Second, I can remove the picture if you want, it’s not a problem since it’s already public on eBay. I will not remove the link nor the comments to it.

    Third, beware, if you really want to say that the proto and picture is truly yours and want to look for “further action”: do you legally own it? Do you have some kind of agreement with the software house or producer of that game? That’s why eBay usually removes these auctions. Beware 😀

  12. ..again, I repeat, anyone makes mistakes.
    Readers may have made a mistake saying it’s fake and you’ve made a mistake being rude to us.

    if it’s real, it’s a great auction.

    If you want, I can even host other pictures etc to give you the opportunity to show that it’s real.

    I’m trying to help you. We’re here for passion, not for flames and war.

    I’m sure that if you do the right thing, you may receive some serious offers. Luckly some of the top-collectors worldwide check this website daily.

    Nicola – Human Search Engine

  13. Thank you for removing my picture, how many prototypes do you think were ever sold on ebay by sellers who actually had any type of agreement with the producers/designers of the game ?? i’d say maybe 2 out of lets say 100. i can’t make anyone believe the airball proto was/is real but just the same i do have a couple serious buyers that contacted me about it so it could possibly be sold within the next few days but for now it remains available. some people are i guess what you could say to quick to judge something just because it may look a little different or because of them being a new ebay member or what have you but after doing some serious web searching i finally found a website that shows an airball cartridge that was sold in the past that has a label like mine except for the actual outer shape of the label, plus the title screen in the game on mine matches exactly with the one on that website. i was told that the repro airball games do not have these words -Engineered By Novotrade- included in the title screen as mine does ? i have seen pictures of 4 other airball prototype pictures on the web and 3 of those labels were completely different from each other and completely different from mine except for 1 of them. i have seen so many prototypes from looking around for info on mine i have noticed that many of the same title proto games have different labels even though they were the same game but how fast mine was judged to be a fake. my auction was removed from ebay of course because of a few whining crybabies making false accusations, oh it’s fake, oh he doesn’t really even have the cart in his possesion. just a few jealous sniveling crybabies if you ask me. but even though i am pissed about what they did something that made me laugh was one of their own friends tipped me off about what they were saying and what they were up to but in the end i will be laughing even harder. i take it that you Nicole are the owner of this site and that you have my email address so feel free to contact me at that email address and i will send you some pictures that shows the cartridge that i own, the screen shots of the game while it’s being played plus a tag that shows my ebay name taped right onto the cartridge but i would seriously like for these pictures to be kept private/unposted to yourself only please just until i know for sure if the game is sold to one of the interested buyers. if the game doesn’t sell then i will get back to you about posting the pictures here publicly.

  14. “how many prototypes do you think were ever sold on ebay by sellers who actually had any type of agreement with the producers/designers of the game ?? i’d say maybe 2 out of lets say 100.”

    I’d say none of them. Maybe one out of 1000!

    Don’t worry about pictures for me, if you ever want to post pictures publically, let me know.

    Thanks for the reply, I’m sure that everyone appreciate this kind of message 🙂

    btw I’m not the owner of this website!

  15. Hey “internetgod”, you do realize I have a prototype copy of Airball, so I know what I’m walking about?

    It’s fake. Your big wall of text and your flame posts prove it. GTFO

  16. Hey “portnoyd” good for you. who gives a rats ass. my game looked like the one that i found here plus the board in mine was about 4″ in height which should prove that mine wa/is real so you don’t know crap about crap mr. know it all game specialist “NOT” and by the way why don’t you learn how to spell. because apparently you don’t know what the hell you’re WALKING ABOUT as so you had said so i’ll GTFO and you can GFYS !!

  17. Hey “portnoyd” wow i am so happy for you that you have one hurray !! apparently you don’t know jack shit as so you think. my airball game has a 4″ long board in it plus i found one on the web that has the same label as mine. i guess you don’t know what you are WALKING ABOUT as so you had said. why don’t you go back to school and learn how to spell. ok i’ll get GTFO but how about you GFYS !!

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