Flintstones 2 Price Is Definitely Not Rubble

Remember that Flintstones 2 for NES I posted about a few days ago?

Well it ending up selling for $810.00. I’m floored to say the least.


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  1. I am a NES collector and I must say….that is WAY too much…its not that rare of a game…I understand they are hard to come by complete, but $810? WOW These rare games are getting ridiculously expensive.

  2. I think this is about right for a CIB copy in good condition. The buyer is a guy I know who lives only about an hour from me, I was glad that somebody bought it who I was familiar with. He already paid for and received it.

    @tyhana: I paid $825 for my gem mint copy, so a $15 difference paid for a beautiful condition upgrade.

  3. Dude it’s been over a year since a CIB one was listed. Pay more attention to the NES scene, $800 is fair market value for it CIB in good condition.

  4. A year?

    Over a year, my ass, that’s 4 days apart. The last complete one before that was last month. I am paying attention to the NES scene and it’s idiots like you who are raising prices stupidly.

    $800 is way overpriced. It was at $300 less than 3 months ago. STUPID.

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