Nintendo Employee stuff, 3DO M2 controller

Here we have a seller who is actually auctioning Nintendo employee stuff. Who knows what will be auctioned later. I want everything.
Just take a look:

He has various sealed shop items.

He has some official employee meeting videos.

He has a cool GB kiosk, worth posting alone.

He has something that I can wear!

But, the coolest items he has (my point of view) are these award pins!

This one is for the third year in Nintendo!

Let’s move to something quite different:
Panasonic 3DO M2 Prototype Controller

Overpriced or not, this is always an interesting view.

3DO Demo Disc Program Binder & Games Store Display

A rare kit!

There is also an interesting NEC-related promo video:
TurboGrafx & Turbo Duo Promotional VCR Tape

7 Responses to “Nintendo Employee stuff, 3DO M2 controller”

  1. lol that m2 controller isnt worth anything really 😛 Look at how many I had at one point, one boxed no less:

    (commenting a bit out of whack on that page)

  2. > lol that m2 controller isnt worth anything really

    How can you claim that? You sold the controllers you had for lots of money as well. It’s worth as much as people are ready to pay for.

  3. I love all of that Nintendo stuff. If only I had more money. 🙁

  4. Man, I’ve got my eye on those videos!

  5. Holy crap! My local store that sells retro stuff is selling the nintendo stuff.

  6. My point being, they arent worth nearly that much. If they were, Id be rich hah.

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