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Tanque and Skate Boy (Rare Spanish NES Games)

I ran across these the weekend, and found them pretty interesting.

Skate Boy Nintendo NES Caltron MegaSoft Gluk Tanque Nintendo NES Caltron MegaSoft Gluk Video

According to the seller:

Game from Gluk Video / Caltron / MegaSoft / NTDEC!  This is an original European release that was never released in America. Other games developed by Caltron / MegaSoft and published by Gluk Video have been found in their original boxes and I firmly believe that these are legit unlicensed PAL releases (the only other unlicensed PAL releases next to the Codemasters and HES releases).  Excellent addition to any NES collection!  As can be seen in the picture, the game has the same cartridge shape as the Caltron / Myriad

They’ve each got a BIN of $275.00 and have the “Best Offer” option.

Edit: A $150.00 offer was accepted for Tanque.

Now, according to NintendoAge they’re are an R8 and R7 respectively. Now, I think the world of NintendoAge and know the majority of their database is spot on with information no one else has. I’m curious how they attribute these specific rarities though. My thoughts on the Spanish (and most international section) releases, are that they’re near impossible to be accurate unless there is a large enough body of collectors contributing to it. Or alternatively, there is someone who is extensively monitoring NES auctions on the Spanish version of eBay. Either way, I don’t doubt there rare and hard to get a hold of, just curious how a specific number is given for international sections.

Anyway’s, bottom line is that I think the person who paid $125.00 overpaid. The $275.00 BIN is even more ridiculous. Any chance this was listed on cheap listing day?

I spent some time collecting Brazilian NES releases, and I understand how desirable both foreign pirate and original games can be. Do what I did however. Find some local video game collector who has no interest in the NES. I agreed to pay a flat $5.00-$10.00 per cart rate to a friend I had in Brazil. Anything he ever saw under that, he picked up and shipped to me.

Anyways, I know there a few large NES collectors who are very active readers here, and I’d love you opinion on this.

Tanque Auction / Skate Boy Auction


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  1. I suppose I can chime in on this one since I am one of the admins on The rarity is set by me and dain for the most part. We base it on what we have seen from monitoring ebay, our collecting experience with NES, and what our fellow collectors chime and and tell us as well. NA has the largest concentration of hardcore NES guys around so I think we have a quite the member base to help gauge stuff. Plus we have a lot more PAL collectors than any NES site I have ever been a part of. NA is the first real site has tried to tackle the whole PAL market. We have come a long way, but still have a ways to go. All of PAL is a giant cluterf*ck and is hard to sort out into a data model. Hope that clears it up a bit.

  2. I actually set the rarity of Gluk games on nintendoage. It’s a bit out of date but close to the real thing. Since 2005, I counted every Gluk game I’ve seen. The seller got the Tanque game from this auction: He made quite a bit of profit. I can’t find the auction from Skate Boy but it was won for 25 Euros, which is expensive considering the poor condition of the label.

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